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Curfew has started. GO ON THAT STREET!

The House of Representatives agrees to a curfew.

GO ON THE STREET! Gather all the people you know who also have their eyes open and go walk, cuddle, do whatever you want. Don't let it get to you.

We expect other free media and opposition (if they really see themselves as opposition) to do the same. Get rid of these dictators! This is not about anything and this is going too far. These are crimes against humanity. Serious crimes.



The curfew starts on Saturday at 21:00 PM until 04.30:XNUMX AM.

The restraining order will last until February 9, extension is not out of the question, but the cabinet wants the measure to be 'back in the trash' as ​​soon as possible. Yeah, they just do it.

If we give in to this, it will have happened to our country. We have to act now.

 Rob Jetten dared to state the following:

“After much deliberation, D66 has decided to support the cabinet's intention to introduce a curfew, but with a later start date. A later curfew makes a difference for children and young people to just be able to go to sports training. For adults to be able to do some shopping after work. And for parents to be able to make that detour after a full day of working from home and home schooling. ”

Also Pieter Heerma (CDA) supports the curfew and sees the necessity, although he understands very well that people experience the measures as 'a blow'. He wants the cabinet to offer citizens more perspective, so that people 'do it for something'.

Hypocrites. Criminals. Lock up a people as if they were idiots and completely take away their freedoms? For what? For nothing!!

Previously there was no majority in parliament, but with a starting time half an hour later, most political groups could live with it.

The Netherlands in wartime

We are ready… The Netherlands has gradually changed into a dictatorship and in such a cunning way that part of the population is still going along with it. They even become opponents to people who want to be free. NSB'ers. Some because they are foolish and some because they are bad people through and through.

Nor is there any media that intervenes for us.

We hope the vast majority ignore these measures completely. We hope that there will be demonstrations and that as many people as possible walk out after 20:00. Every day.

We hope that the Netherlands will show very clearly that they will no longer be belittled. Get lost! We cannot let this happen.

A curfew… Let it sink in after everything we've been through.

Everything has been taken from us. To our dignity.

We don't deserve it. We are millions! So take that street. Massive! What else to say?

We will never forget and these people will get the bill.

Are you going to keep a curfew?

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