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Danish middle-left immigration policy versus Rutte III policy

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The Danes were for a long time a people who passionately welcomed large groups of non-Western migrants, but from 2005 this changed.

Published on September 30, 2005 in Denmark in newspaper Western-Posten a series of twelve cartoons about the prophet Mohammed, the cartoons related to Muhammad or the great religion of peace, namely the Islam.

It was about these kinds of cartoons.

This led to major riots worldwide in which more than 200 people died.

When it appears that you bring in large numbers of people whose lives are characterized in every aspect by an ideology in which they see a butcher and a pedophile hatred as their big example, then the penny has to fall that you'd better close the tap for a while. Only then can you start thinking of solutions. But unfortunately. Even more than 10 years later, when cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo with Kalashnikovs were slaughtered, the eyes still did not open or the eyes were deliberately pinched.

Texts such as hate beard en pedophile prophet are often seen as offensive and rude, but someone who marries a child of 7 and deflowered her at the age of 9, are pedophiles. It is the most correct word for this phenomenon. The word hate beard is part of Dutch humor and one can only accept that. A man with a beard who hates us is a hate beard.

Certainly Islam is not immune to being mocked and making satire. There is no reason why we should take this into account.

We may also draw Jesus upside down on a cross and add the wildest texts.

After these crazy and dangerous reactions and threats from people from a culture that is so at odds with our culture, you would expect rational action from Western leaders.

Unfortunately, our country reacted even more hypocritically than the Muslims themselves.

In the Netherlands became a cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot on 13 May 2008 by order of prosecutor Paul Velleman arrested. He was intimidated by the police and was detained for a day and a half for signing Mohammed and Islam cartoons. His entire house was turned upside down and his computers (s) full of personal information and his work were confiscated.

Gregory was betrayed by his own country that yields to Islam. It must be a terrible feeling when your own countrymen, who should protect you as a Dutch citizen, treat you like this.

The arrest followed an investigation into the work of Nekschot after a report was made against him in 2005 by the Dutch imam Abdul Jabar van der Ven, slurping the left-wing nonsensical and subsidy Hotline Discrimination Internet.

Gregorius Nekschot only dared to tell his story in the PAUW program by coming into the picture unrecognizable. You get that if you have holy Islam offends


Source:Gregorius Nekschot

The taboo on immigration must still be maintained here in order to be able to continue to surround Europe forever. Something about globalism, people!

Anyone who allows this massive immigration of economic refugees has a political agenda. Nobody cares about unworldly people from Africa who come here to look for their happiness for economic reasons.

We care about real refugees who need a helping hand and not about this huge stream of hopeless and criminal migrants and illegal immigrants. This mercy of ours is called racism, fascism, and Nazism by left-wing politicians and crazy demonstrators and unworldly people.

If you do not vote for FvD or PVV, then you vote for globalism and for a Europe without borders. If only everyone were aware of that. Especially the VVD voters. Many think that they are still voting for a right-wing liberal party, with their vote pulling the Netherlands completely to the left, with all its consequences.
See this video:
Globalist Mark Rutte - A useful idiot

Back to Denmark:

Denmark did tackle it immediately, it said slowly. Especially after this Cartoon incident, the country has introduced more and more anti-immigration laws. In recent years, the left-wing Democrats of Denmark have even pursued an anti-immigration policy. Call it the PvdA of Denmark.

For decades, the overall Danish immigration and integration policy was based on the assumption that the next generation of immigrants would do better than the previous. This assumption also proved to be a proven error in 2019. The third generation is definitely not doing better and even worse on many points.

The same applies to the generations in the Netherlands and other Western countries. But Denmark, unlike the other countries that now pay a hefty price, anticipates.

Last year the government celebrated its 100th anti-migration law, including oprot premiums for migrants who have been living in Denmark for a long time.

This new law includes:

  • Non-Danish children must be actively integrated into Danish culture from their first birthday.
  • There is a strict burqa and niqab ban
  • Designated ghettos are broken down
Rasmus Paludan, from the anti-migration party "Stram Kurs"

How many immigrants still come to Denmark every year?

In 2018 there were only 2% refugees among the migrants to Denmark.
Major changes have taken place against immigration to Denmark in the last 4 years.

In 2015, the number peaked at 21.000 during the refugee crisis but many were not granted asylum because of weak motives for seeing them as real refugees. Denmark looked very carefully at who they brought in and who didn't.

From that time on, the number of asylum seekers who apply has fallen. Right now there are about 50 people applying for asylum per week in Denmark. This is a low record.

In the first 7 months of 2019, only 1700 immigrants registered in Denmark, of which a considerable part has a Western background. In 2018 this was 2.000 calculated over the entire year. For comparison: The Netherlands won 69.400 in only the first three quarters!
Source: Migration 2018 CBS
Source:Denmark immigration statistics

Since 2015, Denmark has also accepted the UN plan in which it should host 500 refugees every year and no longer settle after 38 years.

Many AZCs are closed and demolished and there are only 14 camps left. 2.800 people are still in those camps. In all likelihood, 51% of these people are not accepted and will have to leave for the country of origin.


This documentary was made by left-wing filmmakers, who are spreading their own opinions and emotions around the clock, but with the sound out when these people are talking, it is quite informative:

In the documentary you can also see an interview with Rasmus Paludan, from the anti-migration party "Stram Kurs" (Straight Line).

Large parts are cut out by the left-wing producers from the docu, so here is a link to the full interview on the YouTube channel of Stram Kurs:


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