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Daughter Pelosi used to misconduct mother Nancy

Nancy Pelosi rejects criticism of her misconduct during SOTU, resolutely during a press conference.

She says that she does not want to be corrected or has to follow a course of dignity, and certainly not if Donald Trump dares to take it, Nancy Pelosi said.

"What I did was a gallant gesture."

Again see that gallant gesture by Nancy Pelosi:

Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, thinks the action of her mother is wonderful: “I am proud of her, this is my mother! It's a family trait. My grandmother, Nancy's mother, had so much temper too! ”

“She got angry at dinner. When she disagreed with someone at the table, my grandmother very boldly took his plate of food from the table, walked with it to the kitchen and smashed the plate on the kitchen floor. Then she came back to sit at the table without saying a word. ”

Those are very nice things indeed. Throw plates to the ground for blind anger.

“Like a real ITALIAN GRANDMA !! That's wonderful, it's really in our genes. ”

Trump mentioned Pelosi in a festive speech from the White House 'a horrible person':

She says she is praying for me. She may pray, but for the opposite. But I doubt she prays at all. ”

Here Donald Trump explains that:

Christine Pelosi also claims that her mother prays daily for Trump and the country.

She says that she had not been informed by Nancy in advance that she was going to tear Trump's speech in four pieces in front of the camera.

“But my mother thinks all of America should be happy that she did NOT implement her other 'wild ideas' that she had in store during SOTU. For example, she actually wanted to refuse Trump's outstretched hand. ” said Pelosi-junior.

But unfortunately for Nancy, Donald Trump outsmarted her. HE first of all refused HER hand.

Nancy Pelosi said that, out of mercy, she extended her hand to President Donald Trump because she thought he was stunned and under the influence of some.


“He seemed drugged. Just like last year at the State of the Union. But I didn't care that he wouldn't shake my hand. It also has nothing to do with tearing up the speech. ”

Her daughter understands her mother exactly: “Trump did sound drowsy and cold and he is a big liar. I understand very well why my mother tore up his speech. ”




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