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Dear readers! A number of household notices

Dear readers,

There was something on our list that we think is very important and because nothing is more boring than watching Joe Biden's inauguration, we have chosen today to make our site even more secure.

In order not to challenge the wrong people, we will not reveal all the details here, but it is aimed at both the security of our beloved CommonSenseTV platform and against censorship. Everything is logged and in that respect we can review all actions. By reviewing the logs, we have a very good idea of ​​how people are trying and sometimes even WHO is trying to disrupt us. And we also have a good idea of ​​how to act against this and we are putting that into effect today.

We are still working on that now, at the time of writing, and it will be completed tonight, or early in the morning. You will hardly notice it.

It may all sound scary but it is not. It's part of it nowadays. Your data is safe and we do nothing with it. Everyone is also completely free to register with any email address and under any name or pseudo.

What you may notice is the following:

  • If you post a comment and it does not immediately appear on the site, your message has been marked as potentially spam. This can be frustrating as it is usually a false alarm. Note that we check every night for comments in the spam box and allow them as soon as we see that it is not spam. If it is an urgent message you have to report, just try again in slightly different wording. It is a self-learning filter so over time the filter becomes more “intelligent” and it becomes more accurate to distinguish the real spam from normal comments.
  • It may happen that you are suddenly logged out for no reason. This mainly happens to people who use a VPN. Most VPNs have "shared IPs". This means that you are using an IP address that is used at the same time by many other users. Our security system can blacklist such IP addresses. Try another IP or tell us to whitelist the IP.
  • Captcha's may appear for you to fill in / solve. We try to minimize this because it is annoying. If you get captchas but don't see a field to resolve them, contact us.
  • Do you run into a problem? Let us know, so we can look at it and gain knowledge again.
  • Our site can sometimes be down for several minutes.


We have to / want to do everything ourselves (you will read why below) and that is sometimes difficult in combination with what we really want to do (namely, write a lot and make a lot of videos). We are also just citizens who stand up because the media refuses to inform people.

Not meant to be derogatory by the way. What I'm saying is that no one here, I think, has studied to be a journalist or has any experience whatsoever. But we have to do it. You are inundated with one-sided fake news and desinfo. There must be something in return.

Maintaining a website, its security and building new websites or improving the current website is extremely time consuming. Then you always run into peripheral issues that need to be resolved. You have to keep up with the social media and then you have the many emails that come in.

But the advantage is that you will learn a lot and in the future will be able to independently have everything in order.

In December I threw out a Tweet that we would launch the video site in a few days. That was too premature. Even if you have the picture in your head, putting it down and making it work properly takes more time than expected and you still have to combine it with the other normal activities.

But that site is coming. He is basically already ready. That is why we are also going to secure the site properly today. We now have 600 videos and although not all videos are relevant, there are gems in between and in recent weeks we have also produced videos that we have used in articles here.

Writers and columnists

Everyone who contributes does so in his or her own way and in a form that suits him or her best. This can be done through articles, videos, columns or opinion pieces. No one interferes with anyone else's writing. As long as it is sincere and substantiated where necessary.

As like-minded people, a kind of unwritten rule seems to have arisen that no one breaks. We are decent people who genuinely want to make a different statement and are very concerned about the Netherlands and the rest of the world. We do not interfere with other people's writing. We don't censor a word and we don't influence anyone what to write, how to write it, and when to write it. Never did. And we want to keep it that way.

Everyone writes independently and is responsible for his or her writing. We don't have to agree with each other in every detail. It was not. As long as the goal is the same.

As long as this goes well, we don't have to make a laundry list of rules here.

Comments under articles and opinion pieces

There is only one clear rule for this so far:

All opinions are welcome, but messages containing personal attacks, unnecessary name calling, trolling and comments that are clearly intended to disrupt a discussion (that is trolling too) will be removed. 

If that does happen, we will indicate this in the relevant comment itself so that the poster has the opportunity to formulate his comment differently. We think this is more than fair. Sometimes we will not see it, but then we hope that we will be made aware of it.

People will say, "Freedom of speech ...".

Totally agree. But we want to build a platform where serious discussions will arise on a large scale in the future, and if we look at some other platforms, we see that the comment section is anything but fun and interesting. Instead, you often see the same people who make each other's lives miserable and it is absolutely not interesting to read and drives away people who do want to react seriously.

House rules to avoid that are quite normal. Every company, every restaurant and all shops have house rules. Most websites even have a whole laundry list.

If we can achieve that with just that one simple rule, it is fantastic and unique.

Again: Your post will not be removed because of your personal opinion but for the above reasons or by going completely off-topic. 

Until a few days ago, only registered users could respond. This is because of the spam attacks with spam messages that we experienced at the beginning. In no time at all, you'll have the entire page covered with Viagra ads and other junk.

Now anyone can respond. That's one more reason we've spent our time today keeping it a safe place here.

One last call:

Many people volunteer to help and we can always use help. However, it is the intention that these people can work completely independently. We also know that there have been people who volunteered and may not have heard from us again. This has no other reason than chaos and the loss and accidental deletion of emails. I honestly find that annoying and I am sorry. Many things fly past and through each other.

Would you like to contribute something to CommonSenseTV with something that you know is your strong point and can help independently, please. Can you write well? We explain how it works and you are given complete freedom. You know whether you fit with CommonSenseTV or not. It is clear what we stand for.

We know CommonSenseTV is going to be very big and professional. Why? Because we will never stop and never sell our soul. The latter will be seen and appreciated.

We also know that for those reasons we have to be patient as we say no to sponsors who want to have a finger in the pie. We also say no to advertisers who offer products or services that are at odds with what we stand for and we certainly do not want to fill the big tech, such as GoogleAds or Amazon, for a monthly commission. However much we could solve in one fell swoop, we don't.

We do it with donations and three advertisers from our own supporters. We want to work with that. Not with Amazon or the terrible Bol dot com.

Thanks for all your support! Please keep supporting us if you appreciate us. To the people who will support us: We cannot mention your names here but we see you all and thank you for this. People who give faithfully every week or month, even if it is only € 5. It helps us soo much. We're going to go ahead and contribute as much as possible to getting out of this madness and educating people about things that are being hushed up in the media.


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