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Death from a vaccine is nowhere near as bad as death from covid

With numbers and charts, the greatest magic tricks are being unfolded right in front of you lately. To be able to interpret this, you almost have to be a mathematician or statistician.

The RIVM (and with them many others) gratefully take advantage of the fact that it is difficult for most people to parse and to see all these numbers and graphs in the right perspective and can therefore continue unbridled with their fear porn.

Fortunately, Het Nieuwsblad (a Belgian newspaper) has a nuanced headline today:

222 cases of thrombosis out of 34 million vaccinations with AstraZeneca. 

So, what are we actually talking about !!

At CommonSenseTV we also like to nuance and also to put things in the right context and perspective. Lately, however, things have not always been easy, when we are thrown around the ears with reports of covid infection, serious side effects and deaths all after the miraculous 'vaccines' have been administered, and on the other the information through the are presented with difficult-to-read statistics. And on the other hand only lies and misinterpretations of data….

(But we'll continue to do our best to keep figuring it out for all of you.)

Yes, they now admit that there are some incidents. But according to the experts, that is simply the price we have to pay for our medication. There is always a risk.

Yes thank you the cuckoo!
We are not going to inject healthy people with something that can make you very seriously ill or even die? If I had a serious illness and the medical treatment entails certain risks, then I can make an assessment. But if there is a made-up pandemic that causes almost no one to get sick, and even more so, almost no one dies from it, then there is not a hair on my head thinking of having an experimental syringe put in place and then, hopefully, to wait and see what will happen to me.

"But people also die from covid," say the experts.

For clarity:

The serious side effects and deaths of the experimental syringes mainly, but by no means exclusively, concern people aged 18 to 65 years.

To see how that is with covid, take a look at this table:
People aged 0-20, chance of dying from Covid: 0,00001 percent.
People aged 20-41, chance of dying from Covid: 0,0003 percent.
People aged 41-60, chance of dying from Covid: 0,0035 percent.
People aged 61-70, chance of dying from Covid: 0,02 percent.
People aged 71-80, chance of dying from Covid: 0,1 percent.
People over 80 years of age, chance of dying from Covid: 0,5 percent.
And these are the people who actually contract the disease covid. It has now also been shown beyond doubt that 98% of the patients' deaths had one or more serious underlying conditions.
A critical doctor even stated that by far the majority of deaths for these people would have occurred in the same year anyway. Corona has only given an extra push.

Examination of the excess mortality / undersea tables confirms this statement.

(thanks to our colleagues from De Binnenlandsche Bataafsche Courant who regularly calculate this properly)

But back to the vaccines, the damage of which turns out to be not too bad.

I think it will be in a completely different perspective if a very healthy psychologist of 32 years or a nurse of 28 years dies after a vaccine compared to an 86-year-old heart / lung / cancer patient who dies with corona.
They often talk about 'saving years of life'. Draw your conclusions ……
And the "vaccines," I can't repeat it enough, have been approved by emergency ordinance. Don't let charlatan the young fool you, who claims the 'vaccines' have been extensively tested and found to be safe. That's just a big fat dirty lie.
And in the meantime, reports of side effects and deaths keep pouring in. Politicians and mainstream media are doing everything they can to downplay or outright hide / censor this.

And what do we do it all for?

I had a talk with the local doctor yesterday. A wise lady who has been running a general practice in the place where I live for many years. Now you should know that the place where I live has been declared a 'red area' by the ruling regime. Nationally, the 'infections' here are at the highest level. The regular readers of my columns and articles know that last year I was locked up almost all year in Lima, Peru, because of all the thoughtful corona terror. And Peru, the country with the strictest lockdown and most absurd measures in the world, quickly developed into the worst boy in the world. There is no darker red. But the terrible pandemic was hardly noticeable in Peru. That is, if you disregard all the suffering caused to people and companies by the regime.
So when we were finally able to return home at the end of December, and our hometown was colored dark red on the Belgian panic map, we were not that impressed.
And indeed, here too it seems and appears that the suffering is only being done to people and companies and that with the terrible pandemic everything is not too bad.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to speak to our doctor about it. An expert by experience. And as I suspected myself, the doctor could also agree: It is all not too bad. In more than a year, our doctor had to send someone to hospital twice and treat a handful of patients with symptoms without hospitalization.
Pandemic, dark red, woe and woe, stone and bone, oh how bad …… .. 2 people to the hospital in a year.

More and more people are finding out that this terrible pandemic is not that bad. If the disease gets a hold of you, then that is of course very annoying, but that applies to almost all diseases. Being sick is never fun. But the chance that you will get sick from this virus is very small and if you do get sick from it, the chance that it will become serious is also very small.

The chance that you will be tested positive by the methods the regimes unleash on us is a different story.
Well, a different story?
Actually, that's the whole story.
Because by now you are starting to realize that all this idiocy is based on that. By now you are starting to realize that the lockdowns will never go away. The syringes must remain sold, they still have a large supply of fear porn in store for you. But the muzzle should never be taken off again. Curfew is going to be a perpetual motion machine.

Take a look at this:


What a joke this is, but not really.
Vlieland has 0 infections, 0 patients, 0 hospital admissions. That's good news, right?
No, it is not.

The risk level is 4: Very Serious.



And because it is almost the weekend, finally a short video.

The editor-in-chief of the AD is interviewed. I don't know if this should make me laugh or cry… ..

No, there is nothing to laugh about. This is in and in sad.

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