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Wilders: What to do in a non-violent democracy without a coup if Rutte does not listen?

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What do we have to do in a democracy without violence to get things done?

There is currently a debate in the Lower House about the "Developments of the Coronavirus."

Talking about a flu virus for hours and fooling people by talking about “infections” when anyone with common sense understands that the more you test, the more infections there will be.

Not to mention the complete unreliability of PCR tests. It just can't get any crazier than this.

We see that everyone heals, except for a very small fraction of the people. The dead are negligible and all have underlying ailments, each one. Exceptions are always left there, as is the case with any virus or disease.

We don't hear at all about sudden deaths of healthy people. They are not there. You bet the media would be on top of it. The media tried to spread it through fake news on the back of a grieving family one in Ukraine. They go this far to scare you and they are looking for it. And just wait for that one death of about 30. Preferably even lower and preferably in the Netherlands… This is how stupid our society is. While a child can calculate that every year there are also a number of very young victims as a result of the flu. But it turns out to work for certain people.

A dictatorship for a virus with a death rate of 0,13% and 0,05% under the age of 70. 

It turns out the flu suddenly disappeared. Worldwide. Do we realize it? Or rather asked ... How can someone not realize that we are screwed hard here?

Rutte does not believe in it. De Koning does not believe in it. Grapperhaus does not believe in it. God will punish them.

It cannot be expressed softer. This is very nuanced. We lose everything and the measures cost so much deaths and cause so much damage. Innumerable. By manipulation that can be immediately refuted. This has nothing to do with a virus anymore. It will remain the ultimate question for the awake, day in and day out: Why don't our fellow citizens see it when it is so logical and clear?

To pull your hair out of your head. Those who still think so will one day face the truth ...

But what if you can't enforce anything even with a majority?

Then you no longer live in a democracy.

Now the emergency law has passed and here in this video Geert Wilders once again dismantles the dictatorial Mark Rutte. Even an adopted motion about salary increases in healthcare is thrown away by Mark Rutte.

Geert Wilders wonders what the opposition can still do, without violence or a coup d'état, if even a motion passed by the majority is ignored?

Watch and listen carefully to how Mark Rutte tries to avoid it: 

Source Arnews. The channel with all political videos!

Rutte's subsequent story is completely irrelevant. He has to run it. If not, you are undermining democracy. This is a crime.

Until the people rise, we will never, never get our freedoms back. No violence. Just get up and say "Until here and no further!"

Do you really let these people take everything away?

Full debate:


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