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Deep sad Rotterdam - Moroccan approach necessary for our oldies


Does Rotterdam have a Moroccan problem? YES!!

Livable Rotterdam says it's a special one Moroccan approach must come in Rotterdam. This is desperately needed to protect white elderly people.

With no pen you can describe how incredibly sad the story below is and how angry this makes Dutch citizens. A well-integrated immigrant will feel exactly the same and admit that this can no longer continue. The figures are staggering.

The impact on our lives is huge and politics is doing… NOTHING

Many people no longer feel safe. The state can no longer protect you in many places.

The Heemskerkers  people set up their own fight teams to protect themselves. Who can blame them?
Citizens set up their own fight team

And in Germany, in cities such as Frankfurt, the Germans have long been in the minority. Mayors openly beg the government for help. But that goes on and on with the mass immigration.
Mayors beg help. Immigrants no longer in control

Let October 30 also deal with these matters!


Because the elderly continue to live independently for longer, they are easy victims of mainly Moroccan and tinted criminals. 

A so-called “Blood Prick Gang · has formed among“ black people ”.

Gang members go past the doors of the elderly and pretend to be nurses. Then they rob the house empty.

“The perpetrators are tinted people and that is certainly no exception. In fact, the opposite would have been an exception. ” thus Tanya Hoogwerf from Livable Rotterdam.

“In almost all cases, the immigrant offenders deliberately target vulnerable victims from outside their own ethnic group”. "In practice, these are mainly elderly native and Asian Dutch people."

She bases this on the annual report Integration 2012 of the CBS. In the meantime, those figures have only increased.

The elderly are also easily robbed of their valuables on the street.

After researching Bureau Beke according to background characteristics of victims of violent and sexual crimes from 2016, it appears that 87% of the victims are Dutch. 

Rotterdam is currently 48.5% native Dutch, while they represent 87% of the victims. Less than half of Rotterdam is therefore still Dutch and over-represented as victims. And how! 87%.

After earlier motions wanted mayor Aboutaleb do not investigate the motives of the criminal immigrants. Also not by ethnicity. He simply sees no reason.

That is why she is now calling for one Moroccan approach. Just like the Antillean approach from the municipality of Rotterdam, which was needed at the time.

"A separate approach is desperately needed!" "They are 22 times more likely to be suspected of cases of violence such as street robberies and robberies."

Through an initiative proposal, Hoogwerf demands:
"Thorough investigation into the facts and figures concerning property crimes with violence, where the perpetrators are immigrants and the victims are native Dutch" and a "hard, targeted approach aimed at the most prominent offender groups."

Rotterdam is currently 48.5% native Dutch, while they represent 87% of the victims.

Help us to make this sound big and to wake up the Netherlands! 

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