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Democracy and the will of the people

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'Our democracy has been hanging by a thread for months,' said Herman Tjeenk Willink a week ago.

But unfortunately that silk thread is made of the same fabric that the new clothes of the emperor (Hans Christian Andersen) are made of. In short, the democracy that so many acclaimed does not exist.

That is why it is not so strange that especially Rutte and Kaag, but essentially also the tipsy Hoekstra, but do not get along with the formation. It should no longer be about dolls, only about business, Tjeenk Willink added.

But Herman also knows very well that it is always only about dolls. Who goes with whom and who can lead the musical chairs within this backroom game? The musical chairs in which all kinds of professional idiots compete for the best places within the most popular ministries.

Then why is it taking so long? The puppets are there in droves, they are even clamoring, if only to wish rivals a 'position elsewhere'. We've been stuck with a caretaker cabinet for about six months now, which under normal circumstances has to look after the disassembled shack, because the cabinet has officially been sent home. Because, as Rutte rightly said: 'A cabinet can only be sent away once', to continue unabashedly in an even more undemocratic way.

Nobody wants Geert and Thierry, the SP does not want Pinokkio Rutte. Mark again does not want 2 left-wing parties, while Kaag looks down on Seegers. The rest are too small to qualify for a voter-cheating coalition.

The leftists have entered the elections separately and are now suddenly a tight bloc. And in all parties, all MPs again slavishly form a bloc under the unofficial flag of strangling factional discipline.

Why is all this, if the national interest and specifically our own supporters should be the starting point of policy. The answer is ordinary: it concerns a number of dolls. Puppets on a string, who find the current political status perfect. Pushing where there is no resistance anymore. Rutte and Kaag can push through a lot, because they cannot fall again and do this with verve. An example is the status increase from an annoying form of flu (renamed covid-19) to an A status. A status that real pandemics such as smallpox, plague, TB, typhoid and cholera rightly deserve. Looking after the store is very different from taking these kinds of measures. Measures that affect or even destroy a lot of people, including many entrepreneurs. These measures directly affect the constitution.

Calling up new elections could be a (false) gesture to the voters, but the CDA is not waiting for that, now that Pieter Omtzigt is starting for himself and threatens to become bigger than the womb from which he escaped. The people despising duo Mark & ​​Sigrid are not so sure that the elections can once again be as horribly rigged as during the last elections. They are therefore strategically at odds with each other with only one common goal: to train in order to be able to continue unconstitutional and undemocratic.

Continuing to suffocate quite a few Groningers living in complete or half ruins because of the gas, continue to let the parents of the child benefit misery continue to boil in their juice, continue to insult the farmers and ignore the victims of the floods in Limburg , to name a few recent examples. In the meantime, determine that people injected against Covid-19 must from now on get two gene-affecting 'vaccines' per year and simultaneously force people indirectly against all constitutional principles to have a 1st injection.

The fact that Kaag no longer needs the CU is worth a stray plume on the demissionary shit praam that continues to flow. Seegers and their peers take precedence over the train, the church tower or a few razor blades, if people very consciously want to step out of a completed life. Who are the Christians (deliberately don't mention the Christians) who are allowed to play god? As full-fledged psychopaths, these guys refer to an age-old, so not current book.

While Rutte, Kaag and Hoekstra cherish the caretaker status, more and more voices are heard calling for a minority cabinet, a business cabinet or even an extra-parliamentary or extra-parliamentary cabinet. This is all poop and wet. If these kinds of cabinets make an even bigger mess of things, the regent parties hope that the people will long for a majority cabinet controlled by a small elite. Just like when the Dutch yearned for the most cowardly family of German blood, fleeing first at Napoleon's invasion in 1795 and then Hitler in 1940 to betray and abandon the ignorant 'subjects'. The ignorant among our forefathers were dancing with orange flags when the deserters came ashore again after other countries had temporarily freed us from foreign domination, until Brussels became the new German capital.

Willem I and Wilhelmina should have been court-martialed, then we could have been a republic now, with a different polity, perhaps already the AS system.

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