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Democracy or dictatorship?

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Shit on the marble.  

Politicians cannot be trusted. With one hand they grab hold of power and with the other hand they grab hold of the greenhouse.

I don't trust the Government. I don't trust the Army. I don't trust the Police and the Marechaussee. I don't trust the Boas. I don't trust the Churches with their Mayors. In short, I do not trust the entire government. I am not paranoid, but decisions are made without consulting the citizens, which is against the rules of democracy. The government intends to interfere undesirably with citizens' freedoms. She takes over the role of the educator. I know the Government all too well. As a free thinker you are not a conspiracy thinker, but it is striking that the conspiracy thinkers are often right. Could the government and the mainstream media, (the horn of the government) therefore have opened the witch hunt against the conspiracy theorists?

Thomas Wick

I believe that we are entering a terrible war with our eyes open. That could be a civil war or a 3rd world war (Klaus Schwab's Das Vierte Reich). The rulers have stolen our money and the countries have gone bankrupt. There is a small group of people who consider power more important. Wealth is elevated above the normal and social interaction with fellow human beings. Major organizations such as the World Economic Forum and Europe (the EU) are in charge. The banks have turned the monetary system into rat mode. Everything is hung on the coat rack of the Corona. It is not possible to create one world population with one world government, there are too many different schools of thought. Money is printed with billions. The money presses are red hot. A digital currency is no improvement than the criminals plunder your bank account via the Internet. The (over) population of the Earth is now being eradicated by the governmentseid.


We have lost track of our money. Large sums and gold and jewelry have been stolen or diverted. Where has the gold stock of the Dutch Bank gone? These people, who are the cause, are now trying to introduce a new system with The Great Reset, which will initiate the great chaos. Soon our paper money will be abolished and we will all have an account to dispose of our money digitally. Then we no longer have any insight into ourselves, (assets), and governments can do whatever they want. Do not pay attention to the government advertisements that are given to citizens under the heading of information, but look for your information yourself.

We would benefit more from a balanced society, in which people are happy, than in a materialistic society in which selfishness and money play a role. Not the well-to-do with his fat BMW deserves appreciation, but the man or woman who gives his sick or needy neighbors a shopping cart as a gift deserves respect. The social and fellow human aspect is the root of our humanity. I want to say that we have to be careful with socialists, communists and leftists. We learned that lesson after World War II. (The NSBers, The Dutch Citizens). It's always about power and money. That is also the case with the different faiths and religions. When the Catholics and Christians still had a say, society was much more social. I don't believe in religions, but I do believe in social interaction.

Now we have become egoists, wolves hungry for money and luxury, and what we got in return, a cold society in which humanity has been put on the back burner. Some people criticize my bargoen language. Usually these are people who feel addressed. I am an Amsterdammer and I say what I think. That is freedom of speech and we must honor that. Keep in mind that if you want to change the current situation, you have to vote for a major party (even if you don't agree with that party at all).

There is no point in voting for a small game because you agree with those points of view. It takes at least five years for such a party to have political say and then the current ruling party, with which you do not agree, can change and amend the law and then you will be too late to intervene. You've seen that now with that creep of a rutte. If you vote for the second party on the list, you can help this party to power and then at least the current and objectionable parties will be sidelined. If you think, "I will not do that", then you should not cry when you have lost your freedom and are burdened by a dictatorship and arbitrary measures. The people have power, but then you have to use it. Be happy and stay healthy.  


Spread the freedom!

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