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Democrat Ilhan Omar picks up man

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Democrat Ilhan Omar has had an affair with a married man for months. His name is Tim Mynett. Political consultant in Washington DC He married Dr.Mynett in 2012. They have a son of 13 years together.

Mynett received $ 230.000 from Ilhan Omar for travel expenses, among other things. An investigation is currently underway to see whether this money comes from the Democratic party fund.

His wife still wants to fight to save her marriage, because she says: "I love him" But Mynett wants a divorce in order to be with Ilhan Omar. He already introduced his son to Ilhan when his wife knew nothing about her husband's new relationship with Ilhan Omar. Dr. Mynett is now claiming custody of her son. She claims that her husband Tim Mynett endangered her son's life by taking him to Ilhan Omar. After all, Omar regularly receives death threats against her.

Mynett wants a divorce to be with Ilhan Omar.

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