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Demonized for self-defense

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It has been known for some time that in the US, Democrats and Marxist activists have sought to curb or even completely ban the Constitutional right to own firearms.
Thanks to the current President and the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court, the Democrats are not succeeding, so it was time for a new strategy: demonizing (white) citizens who defend themselves.

That demonization happened to a couple, whose gated community was stormed by a large group of protesters who tore down the iron fencing to gain access to the property.
The couple was eating in the garden when suddenly a large procession of aggressive protesters broke through the gates of their gated community. The man and woman were thrown to death by the crowd and decided to call the police: The police would not come. Then they called the neighborhood watch: Didn't want to come.
That is why they went to watch in front of the front door with their firearms, to keep the death threats at bay.

The Antifa and BLM activists took pictures of the couple and posted it on social media with titles such as "Ken & Karen", "White Racists" and references to the KKK. The couple was also doxed.

There is also a stupid discussion among leftists about the mistake of the lady of the house holding the gun (“trigger discipline”).
But nowhere do the activists take responsibility for provoking this situation.

The media picked up the story and sentenced the man and woman. Even the "Right wing" Telegraaf took part in this.

As a result of the attention and angle of the media, the couple is now experiencing a deluge of (death) threats.
What for? Because they feared a rioting mob of 100 Marxists who stormed their gated community illegally with violence and death threats.

The Democrat and local prosecutor are prosecuting the couple for “threatening” the “peaceful protest”.

What about the Republican governor? He did nothing to stop the riots, even less to protect people like this couple.

"If the couple hadn't taken up arms, they would have been in their own blood by now while the mob ransacked their house"
- Tarl Warwick


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Appendix: “Situation drawing of the couple's protest march through the Gated Community”

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