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Demonstration Amsterdam: Jasper speaks with Gideon van Meijeren (FvD), Bas Filippini (VSN) and manager Marco

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Demonstration Amsterdam September 5, 2021

The largest demonstration so far in the Netherlands during this crisis took place on Sunday 5 September.

More than 60 organizations stood up together for the freedom of the Netherlands. More than 50.000 people were expected. The first estimate is about the 200.000 people who attended.

Jasper spoke to including Gideon van Meijeren (FvD), Bas Filippini (VSN) and the outspoken catering entrepreneur Marco.

Bottoms Filippini (VSN)

The always cheerful and active Bottoms had some really good points.

“This is where the media is completely put in its shirt. They have missed the basis of the whole social development here!”, thus Bottoms.

“They have become the cry of a covid regime. It is clear that there is much more going on here.”

It was clear that everyone was enjoying the atmosphere. Bas too, you noticed that during the greyish but always catchy song: You´ll never walk alone.

Gideon van Meijeren (FvD)

Jasper told Gideon van Meijeren that he is a hero to certain people from our supporters.

His answer, call it modest but it is certainly true: “I personally think hero is a very big word because what I actually do is only my job. Checking the government, asking critical questions, saying what I think about something, don't speak with flour in my mouth. And that that's something that's very noticeable and appreciated these days, that's actually very worrying. Because it should be obvious.”

This demonstration shows that this is not about wappies. Or about conspiracy theorists, the extreme right. All kinds of people, of all colors and from all walks of life, gay, straight or whatever were present at this demonstration. The biggest of the last few years and you see it: As long as the police don't get involved, then there's nothing to worry about.

It does make you think, because those who are still afraid of covid or still believe in the illusion in which they are being sucked in are often also very normal people from all layers of society. It is also what Bas said in slightly different terms.

Why one part of the population sees it through and the other part of the population simply does not that remains a mystery because the people on the other side also come from all layers of society. Then why don't they see that?

In essence there will be a small difference between the 2 groups, highly educated for example, who do not deviate from their tunnel vision. And so there are more examples. But for a very large part of the population it was simply necessary to really wake up. And once you are, you'll never go back to sleep. You see through everything. And that is such a nice feeling.

Hospitality entrepreneur Marco

Marco has already spoken out regularly and tries to make it clear to other catering entrepreneurs that it really starts with yourself.

If everyone does what Marco did, then the problem is really solved. You have to start with yourself and you expect your colleagues to support you and do the same.

Marco is clear: He will not allow himself to be made a slave of the state. Already my best friend. Mouth cap on? Then you must shoot me. Not going to happen. And if everyone did that, this circus would have been over long ago.

“It's our business. It's your business. Stop it. Come on over and show who you are. This is your life's work.”

Marco closed as we close this article:

All set!

Video: Jasper from CommonSenseTV in Amsterdam

Fantastic contribution from our Jasper.

We also want to show this short excerpt from the 384th edition of The Jensen Show. It gives a good idea of ​​how many people were on their feet.




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