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Demonstration of ILLEGALS against LOCKDOWN escalates


On Monday, a demonstration in Brussels by a group of ILLEGALS got completely out of hand. They confronted the police and were hit hard.

The illegal immigrants are angry because they can no longer work as a result of the corona crisis and are now demanding financial compensation and a residence permit.

The large group of undocumented migrants had announced in advance that they would take action in front of the office of Minister for Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block (Open Vld) because they say they feel forgotten during the corona crisis and the lockdown.

Before the crisis, illegal immigrants were still able to work on the black market, they argue, but that is no longer possible.

“Suddenly we have no income and no help to provide for our basic needs. We don't have access to healthcare, we can't buy food or pay our rent! ”, it sounded, among other things.

They now demand an immediate general pardon for illegal immigrants.

What was announced as a so-called silent demonstration of a few minutes in which the rules on social distancing would be respected soon ended in full escalation.

Some activists sought confrontation with the police present and the agents eventually clashed with the group of illegal exhausted immigrants.

Of course there was no longer any social distancing.

Source: Sceptr

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