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Denmark - Common sense and zero tolerance for asylum seekers!

The Danes know that uncontrolled immigration is seriously damaging the welfare state.

During the peak of the migrant crisis in Europe Germany and Sweden moral leadership and allowed their countries to flood with people from very high-risk groups.

In addition to the familiar words: "Wir schaffen das!" from Angela Merkel also took the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven the same kind of position. "Our country doesn't build walls!" was the optimistic slogan at the time.

Germany took over in 2015 1 miljoen asylum seekers within and Sweden 165.000. Germany has 10 times as many inhabitants. In comparison, Sweden attracted one and a half times as many migrants per Swedish resident.

Both countries have known! Together with France, these 3 countries suffer the most from mass immigration with all the miserable consequences that entails. Consequences that every human being could have seen with common sense.

In Germany alone, 2014 serious crimes were committed between 2018 and 800.000. Ranging from violence to murder and rapes.

The 800.000 is flattering. A number of cases had not yet been completed. According to Dr. Curio of the AfD this number exceeds one million.

Angela Merkel defends these figures without glancing. All shame is long gone. So bad that even in this debate she dared to express that Extremely right tackle harder.

See that article here!

Angela Merkel defends 800.000 migrant crimes against German people

In the meantime, the country of Denmark, which lies between these 2 virtue countries, has made it clear from the start that refugees were not welcome.

The Danes are doing it smart.

The migrants who come to the border from Germany are neatly brought to the Swedish border by the Danes.

In Sweden, the left-wing welcome committee is ready to welcome the migrants from demonstrably high-risk groups, who are responsible for many crimes and rapes worldwide, with open arms. Weird phenomenon.

Many Deen must have looked shaking at neighboring Sweden.

Police check German-Danish border. From here the immigrants are escorted to the Swedish border.


As from the migration crisis, Sweden suffers from attacks, massive group rapes in large cities and the dire financial pressure that this hopeless group brings. Living in Stockholm is no fun anymore. Assistance for the elderly and shelter for the elderly are being replaced for assistance to refugees and asylum seekers. (source)

The big cities in the once beautiful peaceful Sweden are now among the most dangerous places in Europe.

But President Löfven of Sweden stood firm and spoke the words incomprehensible:

“There is no connection between immigration and rising crime. Had it been Sweden in those circumstances it would have been just as bad. ”

In other words. The leader of Sweden is sure that otherwise his own Swedish citizens would massively commit group forces and bomb attacks. Totally absurd.



The Danish example could and should be an example for the rest of Europe. Lars Lokke Rasmussen has set up a very strict immigration policy since 2015. Even the Danish Labor Party is acting towards a strict immigration policy.

Human and normal. See these numbers. It is criminal not to take measures. By doing nothing you create life-threatening situations as seen daily here on CSTV.


Family reunions for partners under the age of 24 are also prohibited in Denmark. 

And they have even more rules that are aimed at Muslims.

Face covering is punishable. Immigrants are obliged to shake hands with officials, whatever belief they hold. (source)

In 2017 the Ghetto law in Denmark. With this, apartments in lawless disadvantaged neighborhoods, which were dominated by Muslims, were bought by the housing cooperatives and then sold to richer newcomers. The neighborhoods that could not be saved anymore were demolished.

Children who still live in ghettos are required to attend classes at least 25 hours a week to learn Danish norms and values. Children who are very young from the age of 1 year were obliged to be admitted to typical Danish day care where Danish values ​​are taught.

The idea behind it is to work up a neighborhood in every way.

The asylum seekers who still wanted to stay in such ghettos and did not want to cooperate with these plans, immediately lose a lot of benefits.

Crimes committed by these people are punished twice as well “Visitation zones” were established which gave the police the power to stop and visit someone at any time (strip). Their home could also be examined at any time.

In short: Do not integrate? Do not integrate and live according to the norms, values ​​and traditions of Denmark? Do not want to speak the language or do not want to work?

The Danes make it difficult for you. 

In December 2018, the Danish government established a facility where asylum seekers who have committed violations are housed. The are transported out of the country but are waiting for this release. This facility is located on Lindholm Island. There is no permanent residence. There are about 100 people there and it keeps rotating due to the constant expulsions. (source)

In February 2019, another law came into effect that refugees are immediately sent back to their home country as soon as that is legal. No more long procedures.

In a civilized and sober country such as the Netherlands, such a policy should have been a fact for a long time. But unfortunately. We, the people, urgently need to help politics. And very fast !!,politics,3078.html

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Danish middle-left immigration policy versus Rutte III policy

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