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This week the emergency law will be put to the vote.

How many more reasons do you need to get rid of the bank?

Police brutality?

The elderly forced into solitude moeten crumple and die?

The initial ban on using HCQ and zinc from general practitioner Elens?

Placing Covid-19 on List A of serious infectious diseases while the mortality rate is less than between 0,16 and 0,35%?

The inoperative PCR test that reaches your brain until you bleed.

Rutte who went for group immunity in March 2020 and then suddenly was unable to do so remember?

Klaver van Groen Links and the PvdA now suddenly go for the Emergency Act, after initially saying no?

Children we let down by the corona rules?

Hugocaust who offers the vaccine as the only solution?

How is it possible that a small group of people decide for 17 million men?

Behind closed doors, preparations were made for schools to receive urgent advice to let the children wear mouth masks. Despite this, schools are still going much further then the advice! So they don't have to wear masks at all, but they do it anyway !!

This also applies to retailers.

Rutte deliberately delegates power to the people, who all become controllers in this way.


Tuesday 6 October between 19.00 pm and 22.00 pm

Gather between 19.00:19.30 pm and XNUMX:XNUMX pm

Plein, The Hague

#latjehoren #metwiegajijnaardenhaag #metwiekomjijnaardenhaag

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