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Disastrous animal feed rules of Minister Schouten

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In Carola Schouten's new livestock feed regulations, the concentrate silos must be empty between 1 September and the end of December.

If not? € 2.500 fine!

Cows must emit less ammonia each, so Schouten had thought that cows should also eat less than especially less protein and minerals.

This has disastrous consequences:


  • Stillborn calves
  • Flaccid cows
  • Significantly less milk yield per cow
  • Less resistant cows, so viruses will break out on a much larger scale than now
  • Bankrupt farmers


In addition to the lockdown measures, which have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with "fighting corona", we have many more reasons to take to the streets as citizens. The government wants to control every aspect of our lives and causes enormous damage.


Veearts Olsman about disastrous Schouten animal feed rules. Shiver!






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