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How did it get to this point, we still see how a hoax has become true worldwide, that people invariably believe that there is a killer virus and that vaccination is the only solution to get out of this terrible malaise, that while there is actually hardly anything is going on!

Yes there is a virus, but there is nothing to indicate that all those drastic measures will be of any use, yet the large mass of people follows them slavishly, caught in the agony with which the media and a now outgoing cabinet literally hour after hour, unbelievable but where and when does this madness finally stop?

Yes, there is a virus called Covid-19, a coronavirus, but since the 60s of the last century, corona has been detected in Europe and that it has now taken over the place of influenza or the flu has probably happened many times before, but then of course this was mistaken for a flu and look for the differences.

With the flu, the influenza virus is not eliminated by means of a vaccine, with the vaccine against Covid-19 a coronavirus it is no different, because a virus that mutates, a vaccine has never been developed to stop this virus. this only worked on viruses that had no receptors and could not mutate.

The measles, smallpox and polio have all but disappeared from Western Europe, that is quite true, but this is not going to happen because of a vaccine that has been put together in a few months and which the pharmacists do not want to take responsibility for its side effects. of which we are guinea pigs, because for other vaccines there was always a development and trial period of at least four to eight years, before such a vaccine was released and considered safe, so this looks like Russian Roulette!

Then the way of coercion in which this vaccine is introduced, as if the right-minded person has nothing more to say about her or his body and people still swallow it!

It makes us sick of what an idiocy we ended up in, a cabinet, which even introduced a curfew in addition to the lockdown, completely ripped off the pot, I call it and the worst part is, that a very large one group of people still believed all this madness to this day, as if a virus could tell the time.
All alternatives are forbidden to us, so Mecimectin or HCQ in combination with zinc and a virus inhibitor may not be used as a means of which its effects have been known for years, but a vaccine, of which little is known, is promoted by governments as the any real tool that would work, that's just bizarre!

That makes it very clear that there are enormous interests behind this, it can also be called bizarre that the pharmaceutical companies who made the vaccines, almost all have a rather dubious past, but will therefore not be responsible for what the effect of this vaccine in the longer term in people who have been vaccinated.
But fear turns out to be a huge bad advisor, there will be the necessary people who, out of fear of this virus, get vaccinated with something, which in the most favorable case will only make people resistant to being affected by this virus.

It is not exactly to be very hopeful, I only hear Wybren from Haga and Thierry Baudet speak meaningful language, when it comes to the approach to this virus and the actual threat level that can affect us, it also gradually becomes clear to me why now Rutte III's outgoing cabinet wants to hold us hostage at this stage of death anxiety, Prime Minister Rutte is announcing Built Back Better abroad, about which he has not yet mentioned a word in the Lower House, because people might just wake up.
So it is clear that there is a clear intention behind it, that all these measures must herald a change worldwide that I do not support at all!

Much can be said about the virus itself, let alone the measures that have been taken against it, because a lockdown, curfew or face masks are not exactly measures that increase our resistance or do something to our physical condition and also Isolating the population only destroys our well-being and health.
There are countless other means that we as human beings can improve on, but all these alternatives are banned by our government.
The question remains, how to wake people up, so that they can really think for themselves again, so that we don't end up in a Rutte 4us.

That we are not going to reward this man again for the demolition he commits in the Netherlands, this man is a criminal who should be punished, responsible for numerous crimes, but the bad counselor DEATH FEAR will possibly ensure that the mocking statement of the party name abbreviation VVD: Many Free Days will soon become reality, but that will not be a luxury, that will be the final blow for us as the Netherlands, that is no longer freedom, we can already see that with our fundamental right to demonstrate , but then gets much worse!
Whatever your position in this, make the Waterloo for Rutte 17us from 4 March, so vote for non-globalist parties such as PVV, FvD, SGP or if necessary SP, end this nightmare!

Chris Collard.



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