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Do doctors systematically incorrectly register Covid19 as the cause of death?

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Based on the following and what we have all seen last year, it is no exaggeration to say that it in any case seems that (groups of) doctors, for one reason or another, systematically write down covid19 as the cause of death.

It is increasingly difficult to talk about covid. The pieces of the puzzle fall together so easily and the basis of some credibility about this virus has been so obliterated by various hard facts that you can hardly name the word corona or covid seriously in a sentence.

Failing PCR. Flu gone. No excess mortality. Etcetera. 2 + 2 is still really 4 and not 5 as in the book 1984 by George Orwell where governments label 2 + 2 = 5 as fact. They are actually supposed to believe it. Take a lie as fact until you actually believe it yourself. Sounds familiar.

The upper class, in particular, cannot think and talk freely. The Ministry of Love's thought police will lock you up and cleanse you if it is suspected that you think 2 + 2 is four. That facts are facts. A very nasty psychic trick. The underclass was stripped bare but in that respect they lived a little more freely and some resistance could be offered.

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A national scandal

According to The Dailymail, grieving family members, along with MPs and top medics, are demanding an in-depth investigation because families reveal MORE than exception that they believe their loved ones have been falsely certified as virus victims. (source)

More than 100 Daily Mail readers wrote letters after Bel Mooney revealed that her father's death had been recorded as a covid.

A funeral director said it was "a national scandal." The claims are part of a Daily Mail investigation that raises serious questions about the rising death toll.

More than 100 readers wrote heartbreaking letters in response to a moving article by Bel Mooney last Saturday.

She revealed that the death of her 99-year-old father, who suffered from dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, was recorded as coronavirus.

Dozens expressed similar frustration that the cause of covid death of the elderly and already seriously ill family members had been falsely attributed.

Eight of the families who wrote to the Daily Mail have successfully pushed doctors to change the causes of death previously registered as Covid-19.

And we know… if it starts now, a whole cesspool will open.

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Dutch doctor (s) are also participating

Last week Marcel van Tol wrote the shocking story about the general practitioner RJ van Rijn from Alphen aan de Rijn, who registered his father as deceased from covid19.

But Marcel's father died of a heart attack:

“Without any examination, without any knowledge of my father's file, without asking a single question to my father's doctor or to the family,” writes RJ van Rijn, on-call doctor on Sunday evening 14 February, in Alphen aan den Rijn, on the form that my father died of covid-19 and was also ill for 4 days. ”, says Marcel van Tol.

Here you can read Marcel's story and see the completed form and the declaration against this doctor. (source)

"A corona denying family"

We have asked for a response by email, but the doctor has not responded.

He did make a statement on Facebook and spoke to the local media. it appeared in the local newspaper and went viral in social media.

On Facebook van Rijn posted:

“Dear patients by a Corona-denying family, a smear campaign has been started against me on the internet and social media. Very bitter, but I look forward to litigation for defamation, slander and damage to my reputation as a doctor with confidence. Would like to share it with you so that you get it directly from myself instead of through countless other channels. ”

Furthermore, the doctor does all critical questions on his facebook page as “slander”.

That questions are asked about this is only normal, is it? We are not the mainstream media that never asks obvious questions.

The doctor closes for vacation. A woman responded on Facebook:

“As an honest general practitioner, I would not have posted this message, canceled my vacation and had done everything for a rectification. For my patients and that family. ” (source)

Shortly after Marcel published his story, we were approached by another man who had to deal with this doctor at 3 o'clock in the morning. His wife sadly died from a brain tumor. After reading this story, the man is very concerned:

“My wife died there as a result of a brain tumor. That night I walked terribly upset to the room where this doctor was filling out a form. I asked him to know what he had listed as the cause of death. He reacted like a wasp. ”

“I said emphatically that there should be no covid on the statement. At that point (your wife has just died) you don't have the alertness to check what he's writing down. I was kind of overwhelmed by this doctor's attitude. ”

The husband can no longer view the death certificate of his own wife. That is the procedure with the B form.

Now the man is not accusing the doctor of anything. Perhaps they acted sincerely that night. So there is nothing more to prove. But the concerns and mistrust are understandable. That goes without saying.

Can doctors explain why this procedure is so? Shouldn't the doctor verbally explain exactly the same cause of death to the next of kin that he / she also writes down?

Many people responded via social media that doctors would receive money for it. Other people, as well as other doctors, firmly deny this and call catching money for registration ridiculous.

Okay, but the question remains: Why is it happening? Why are they blindly registering covid as the cause of death? And apparently on a large scale too? A very legitimate question and as long as no one opens his or her mouth, the mistrust will only increase. There must be clarity about what is going on here.

Incidentally, it has long been no secret that people who tested positive in April last year and died in a car accident in June were still registered as covid19 dead.

En  this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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False corona registrations are old news

We hear it and we mainly see it. But otherwise it is simply ignored. Just like the fact that the PCR does not work while that test is the core of everything we have to undergo. Can't stress it enough.

It has long been no secret that the covid figures are being messed around. As early as August, SkyNews reported that the UK government is cheating to get the numbers up. (source)

“Now it appears that people who once tested positive for Covid19 are cured and die a few days, weeks or months later from something unrelated to corona, are still counted and included in the list of the intimidating numbers that do not. context. ” 

"According to a government source, even people who are run over by a truck or bus months later are still registered as corona dead." (source)

The video has of course been removed from and by YouTube. Even when mainstream media is negative about covid or vaccination on YouTube, it will be removed. But we still have the images:



What is going on here? What is the reason for the incorrect registration as a corona dead? Important questions to be answered.

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