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“Doctors should count on prosecution!” says trial lawyer and lecturer in liability law…

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“Doctors should count on prosecution!” says trial lawyer and lecturer in liability law.


On 11 March, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Minister de Jonge, was still firm; "Astra Zeneca is just a good vaccine and the reported thrombosis cases occur after vaccination and not because of vaccination", said the minister with conviction on the NOS Journaal.

Not much later he came back to this and now there is no longer pricked with AstraZeneca because dozens of healthy young Dutch women suffered cerebral haemorrhages, thrombosis complaints and some even died.

Lisette Verhoeven is such a person. March 13, 2 days after the minister reported on TV that AstraZeneca is a good vaccine, she got the shot. Shortly afterwards, the 28-year-old healthcare worker collapsed due to serious vaccine side effects and now the minister wants to visit her to "from person to person", as he put it himself, to talk to Lisette about the dire situation she now finds herself in.

The broadcast we (BLCKBX) made about Lisette's personal drama was viewed more than 300.000 times in a few days and was very influential, but we ended the video with the promise to also make a second part about the legal implications, what are they? also.

Watch the first broadcast about Lisette below

Legal Implications

We decided on the first broadcast promising to make a second part about the legal implications.

Because apart from issues such as duty of care, the doctor's oath and “informed consent” the question naturally arises “Who is actually liable for the damage?”

According to the state attorney (the Counsel of the State of the Netherlands) – who gave a ruling on this on Feb 24 in another case – this is the care provider, or the medical doctor with ultimate responsibility.

And that provides food for lawyers, Simon van Zijll en Maria-Louise Genet who are committed to Lisette Verhoeven and today with program maker Flavio Pasquino, GP Frank Roodenburg and an old GGD director South East Brabant Jan Vosters discuss the cases.

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