Doctors stop with life-threatening corona vaccines: “Doctor conscience must be stronger than fear of sanctions”

Covid vaccines

DThat these vaccines are life-threatening, we and many others have been warning about this for months and we have already discussed in articles from March 2020 that they were coming.

Doctors remained and remain reluctant but more and more are stepping out. And that is good. It is their duty.

We're getting to the point where more and more doctors can't keep up. Their conscience and their oath must be stronger than the blackmail of the government and their career. In my opinion it is only good for their career in the long run. People don't forget "the mistakes".

People need to know this. Read this and if they continue to bury their heads in the sand, at least they've been warned again.

What else they do with themselves, they just figure out.

Do people actually have more faith in the young ones, van adze, gummers and rutte instead of these doctors in the field? And the other hundreds, nay, thousands of doctors and scientists who are ringing all the alarm bells?

People should be held accountable for that. No matter how close they are to you. Especially if they have children or the elderly in the family.

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Vaccinate the elderly and children? Even thinking about it is out of the question!

dr. Robert Kleinstäuber, is an anaesthetist, intensive care and emergency physician and special pain therapist in Schleswig-Holstein. 

In a video, he openly discusses his experiences with the public. he his experience that

Elderly patients, in particular, experience serious health problems associated with a COVID-19 vaccination, and in some cases, people even die.

He could no longer agree with his conscience to remain silent, even though it had negative consequences for him. He has taken an oath. That's why this guy did the right thing and we're glad he did!

Another doctor's practice in North Rhine-Westphalia also stops providing the life-threatening vaccines.

After the practice "distributed" 600 vaccinations, there were disturbing to shocking reactions from their patients.

The Experienced Anesthesiologist Robert Kleinstäuber explains that many elderly patients he visits as an emergency physician experience problematic health reactions related to the vaccination against COVID-19.

Pain, clear signs of "corona infections" (that's what he calls it) and also deaths.

Whether the connection with the corona vaccination and whether it is not only a temporary but also a causal one will be the subject of numerous studies that will now begin with certainty due to numerous inconsistencies, Kleinstäuber said.

dr. Kleinstäuber

He points out that it usually takes 8 to 10 years to develop a vaccine. 

This is how long it takes for a vaccine to be verified and safe. He points out that after a period of 25 to 30 years, there is still no vaccine against hiv. With coronaviruses, on the other hand, which have also been known for 30 to 35 years, it was possible to provide several vaccines at once within a year. According to the doctor, this seems strange.

But of course those studies should have been done before you experiment on humans.

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Recommend vaccination with a clear conscience? That is not possible!

That every doctor, also here in the Netherlands, should take note of this because they too will be held responsible for this.

As a doctor, he cannot in good conscience recommend the vaccination and he is not alone. You can never recommend something that is demonstrably not working properly, carries enormous risks, there has been no research at all into the efficacy and safety of the vaccine and there is anything but a pandemic going on.

“If a patient really wants it, we will respect their decision and not prevent them from getting vaccinated.”

But offering a corona vaccine as a doctor is out of the question.

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Calling colleagues to be critical kritisch

The emergency room calls on colleagues to take a critical look at the matter instead of accepting everything that the pharmaceutical companies and the (proven corrupt) governments of the countries are supposed to believe. Much, he admits, may be true. But not much either. Because there is no playing with open cards

Use vaccination in the elderly and children? Even thinking about it is outdated!

According to intensive care physician Dr. Kleine's expertise should not use this type of vaccination, especially in older people who have had many previous illnesses. 

In the case of children, it is also “totally outdated to even think of wanting to vaccinate them”.

“Many case reports of vaccine reactions are being swept under the rug and downplayed,” emphasizes Dr. Small again.

Financial, not health, interests are at the forefront

He advises anyone considering getting vaccinated against COVID-19 to find out exactly what is being done to him. 

The focus is not on health, but on monetary interests.

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Doctor's conscience must be stronger than fear of sanctions

“As doctors, we have an obligation to do good to our patients, or at least alleviate their suffering. But we are under no obligation to give him anything if we do not know whether it is good or not. No politician can ask that of a doctor.”

Kleinstäuber is now turning to the public in the knowledge that the medical association's publication of his video could be detrimental to him.

However, he notes that he has now reached a point where his conscience outweighs the fear of sanctions. 

Henning Rosenbusch notes on Twitter that these words should go viral all over the world so that the doctor's sacrifice, which is likely to suffer the usual consequences of the medical association, was not in vain.

Hence our request to you: Share this information! Please, share, share, share.



Here's the video that is STILL on YouTube:

Has the video now been censored, as is unfortunately the most normal thing in the world in 2021?

Download it here (you must be logged in to see the download link)

Temporary Vaccine Freeze

Another doctor, Dr. Ulfert Schröder posted a personal message on his homepage:

Dear patients,

In recent weeks, we have done our utmost to offer all our patients – for whom the risk of a serious course of Covid disease outweighs the risks of a Covid vaccination – an appropriate vaccination offer after careful indication and individual consideration. risks.

We had to convince some patients that the vaccination would most likely benefit them; for others, vaccination had to be discouraged after weighing the risks and benefits. This was not easy for us because on the one hand we had to take into account the rules for prioritizing vaccinations and on the other hand of course we did not want to refuse the vaccination to everyone who knew about the vaccination .

After studying the currently available data on the COVID vaccinations and, on the other hand, the experience gained, we have decided to temporarily end the vaccination campaign in our practice. The data situation on all COVID vaccines does not seem very convincing to us – the analyzes we have performed on the immunological responses to the vaccinations reveal extremely heterogeneous or unsystematic findings that sometimes disturb and even frighten us.



Article 32 of the Fourth Geneva Convention from 1949:

“The High Contracting Parties expressly agree that each of them is prohibited from taking any measure which causes physical suffering or extermination of protected persons in their power. This prohibition does not only concern life deprivation, torture, corporal punishment, mutilation and medical or scientific experiments which does not require the medical treatment of a protected person, but also all other forms of roughness, employed by civilian or military officials. "

Maximum Penalty Violation: Capital punishment.

We will be coming soon with more news about Reiner Fuellmich and the new developments.


Marc van Ranst? How do you feel now?



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