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Does coincidence exist?

Does coincidence exist?

If you don't believe in anything, you may believe in coincidence.

After all, who or what goes behind your back to arrange something that initially seems purely coincidental? And in the second instance, until you find out that all kinds of coincidences happen to work out well for some people or organizations. A new contact can apparently happen by chance, not to mention a budding friendship.

Sometimes certain things 'coincidentally' turn out very well. To name a few examples:

1 In peaceful protests, the state observers, and by extension the entire MSM, in fact always count far fewer participants than were actually present. And also happens to be many more rioters than the guests involved in incidental run-ins. Very coincidentally, people with cell phones were filming vans full of Romeos, which was indeed a very inappropriate coincidence, because the government consistently denies the use of these 'state terrorists'. And if it ever did happen, it was coincidence, a coincidence. After all, the State constitutionally stands for freedom of expression. Yes, right?

2 Covid-19 spreading like a killer virus happened to coincide with the rollout of 5G. All the attention went into the brains of the law-abiding through an unprecedented advertising campaign like a brainwash virus. G5 only got a few rules on page 18 after a few people started a fire at the base of the 5G masts.

3 Last week, the much-adored covid was upgraded to the a-status of life-threatening disease makers. This means, among other things, that the government can evict children without notice and covered by law, as long as there is only a minimal indication that they could be unvaccinated or otherwise in danger at home.
Even adults, who, according to wafer-thin legislation outside all constitutions, could not be vaccinated could pose a threat to the already vaccinated fellow humans, can for that reason be arrested and placed in isolation.
Bet a lot of people don't know this? Can they be blamed for this? Yes and no.
Yes, because everyone is responsible for being well informed and no, because Peter R. de Vries was shot at the same time incredibly coincidentally. Accidentally?
According to Tommy Wieringa, the rule of law in the Netherlands is undermined, but not by Delano G.

4 After loosening the reins and dancing with Janssen at the intercession of Hugo the Terrible, the test results exploded, so that measures were tightened up again. Apart from the validity of the PCR tests, the question arises how it is possible that an outbreak was detected? Coincidence, or do we see a certain schedule? All conscious injection rejecters also do not allow themselves to be tested. But they also don't go to festivals where you have to hand in your data. So those aren't counted as breakers. If you have been sprayed, you should be up to 90% 'safe'. And people who have endured a mild bout of the hypo virus in the last year and a half without a syringe are even immune to all variants. How much coincidence can be detected here?

5 Oa Ab Osterhaus was apprenticed to the Belgian Van Ranst well before the covid hysteria to build up and expand the fear of pandemics and to whip it up to unprecedented heights. After this observation, the belief in coincidence takes a huge dent, I think. Unfortunately, around 80% of the population follows coincidence architects. Yes, unbelievable, but 100% true.

Consider how often 'coincidence' is involved in major events. Was it a coincidence that Nina Brink sold all her shares in one order on the early morning of the attack on the Twin Towers? Did Karst Tates happen to be exactly in the right place with a vulnerable Suzuki to hit the stable double-decker with the members of the royal family in the flank with a vulnerable Suzuki? Was it a coincidence that at the last second he decided to crash behind the bus into the obelisk called the Needle? Beatrix's reaction was no surprise. Of course all coincidence, but the popularity of orange rose again to unprecedented heights. Nice to have after a coincidence.

Look around, read in and be amazed at how many coincidences seem to happen by chance and keep calmly believing that coincidence is coincidence. Many dubious stakeholders will grin and confirm it.

Rients Hofstra

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