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View a compilation of the fantastic Dominik Tarczyński here.

Known for his no-nonsense politics, he is a member of the Law and Justice party PiS, which won elections again last month and rules the country.

Dominik shows how childishly simple it is to protect your country.

When you see that wherever Islam is present it costs the citizens their lives, attacks will be committed and this group will be on top of all the nasty lists then you know that bringing them in will be disastrous for your own country.

And what do you do then? You don't let them in!

A child can calculate that. And so is Dominik.

Then why are Western leaders allowing this insane immigration? Wouldn't you prefer to drag Rutte by their ears and demand that he do the same for his country and citizens like this Dominik? But yes ... The West is in an age of madness.

In addition to being a politician, Dominik is also a film director. 

It is striking that there is no Dutch or English Wikipedia page from Dominik. .

Enjoy this compilation! Sorry for the poor subtitles.

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