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Donald Trump Backs Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, For Re-election

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday gave incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott his full support for reelection in the 2022 midterm elections.

In a statement shared, among others, on “Donald J. Trump's Telegram” and Governor Abbott's Twitter account, the former president gave his full support to the governor, who wants to be re-elected next year during the midterm. -elections.

In his statement, former president Greg calls Abbott a "fighter" and a "great governor for the people of Texas." Trump says no other governor has done as much as Abbott to protect the borders and protect the community.

Greg Abbott was elected governor to a first term in the 2014 midterm elections, in a Republican victory in the Senate, House of Representatives and several states after incumbent Governor Rick Perry announced he did not want to be re-elected to a fourth. term. Abbott won the Republican primary with 92 percent of the vote. After which he won the gubernatorial election with 59 percent against Democrat Wendy Davis' 39 percent.

Abbott won re-election in 2018 by a narrowed 56 percent majority against Lupe Valdez's 42 percent. But Abbott has attracted more than two million new voters to his campaign.

Texas is one of the few states in America to be fully open again. Abbott followed the steps of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in reopening their states. For example, Greg Abbott recently, through a executive order, made illegal to impose a mask obligation by government agencies.

Read the full statement of the 45th President Donald J. Trump in Dutch here:

“Greg Abbott is a fighter and a great governor for the incredible people of Texas. No governor has done more to protect the border and keep the community safe than Governor Abbott. Greg is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment and has made Texas a haven for the Second Amendment.

Texas has become a job-making machine and our partnership has helped restore America's economic strength and success. Greg is very strict on crime, supports the brave men and women of the police force, and is fully committed to Election Integrity.

Governor Abbott will continue to be a great leader for the Lone Star State, and has my full support for reelection. He will never forsake you!” -President Donald Trump


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