Donald Trump is considering his own social media platform

Senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, Jason Miller, said on Saturday that Trump is deciding how to reappear on social media, including considering whether to create his own platform.

"I expect we will see the President appear on social media soon," Miller told Breitbart News Saturday. (source)

Jason Miller and Donald Trump

"Whether it's joining an existing platform or creating its own new platform, there are a number of different options and a number of different meetings they've had on that front.", Miller said.

When asked for more information about Trump's social media plans, Miller said "All options are on the table." (source)

“A number of options are being discussed. Stay tuned because what is certain is that he will come back on social media. ”, he said.

Trump, who was one of the most active presidents on social media, was permanently banned from Twitter and remains indefinitely banned from Facebook following the US Capitol violation on Jan. 6. (source)

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Targeted censorship of Trump's posts took place during his presidency, and blatant censorship increased after the November 3 election, when Donald Trump and his team repeatedly participated in calls. Also, the hearings were completely ignored by the media and footage of the evidence presented at those hearings was nearly impossible to disseminate.

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Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) and Snapchat have also banned the former president from using their platforms.

The social media companies justified their censorship as an attempt to prevent violence and claimed that Trump violated their terms of use.

The hypocrisy is shocking. The lies become laughable.

In the forthcoming Senate impeachment proceedings, Trump's team plans to defend the former president by arguing that the trial is unconstitutional and that he was exercising his First Amendment rights when he delivered a speech on Jan. 6.

Trump had addressed a crowd in Washington DC when Congress gathered to count the votes of the electoral colleges, where he repeated allegations of election irregularities and possible fraud, and his dissatisfaction with the media and various lawmakers.

In his Jan. 6 speech, Trump called on his supporters "Peaceful and patriotic" make their voices heard in the Capitol.

See the whole speech here:

See the speech in text format here:


After the incident, Trump condemned it "Violence, lawlessness and chaos" and said those who "Infiltrated the Capitol, defiling the seat of American democracy." (source)

In short: As we know Trump.

There are rumors that Trump is already active on other social media such as Gab. But this is not the case.

“We have always been transparent about this and would of course let people know if the president is going to use it”, Andrew Torba said in a statement about Gab. (source)

A new social media from Donald Trump himself. That sounds like a blessing. Setting up their own social media is a very serious option that his team is considering. With this he will probably half empty the “established”.

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This morning we contacted Donald Trump to make CommonSenseTV available. He would come back to this, he reported.

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