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Double standard in court

Two social media users appeared in court last Tuesday.

Their crime: Abusive social media posts / tweets, following the live broadcast of Keti Koti in 2017.

The broadcast generated a lot of anger and posts. Some posts were reported.
Of the many reports, the Public Prosecution Service chose to prosecute 7, of which only 2 could be traced (oroxxed): The two social media users in question.

The posts in question:
“Suriname is a repository of worthless bastards” (referring to corruption)
"Has the Apenheul opened a new park?"
"The slaves may drag the wreath"

It is conceivable that someone is prosecuted for threatening murder, mutilation or other (psychological) violence, such as kicking a Zwarte Piet actor, but this, just like Johan Derksen's joke, fits into the category “silly”.

The Public Prosecutor went as far as comparing the case to Sylvana Simons' stalkers ...
… While they sent memes of lynches in which Sylvana was photoshopped: In other words, a case where the interpretation “death threat” is justified.

One suspect did nothing but express regret and report that he was against any form of slavery and had a Moroccan ex.

The other suspect showed backbone and expressed dissatisfaction with the one-sidedness of the 'Keti Koti' broadcast and that white people are being blamed every time. He acknowledges that discrimination does occur, but that this (the lawsuit) goes too far.
“Ugly things are constantly being said over and over again. Some people are more bothered by this than others ”.

The public prosecutor takes it much more seriously and accuses the two suspects of stirring up polarization.

Igniting polarization? That is a ground for prosecution, the definition of which can be stretched considerably to silence any dissident voice in order to “protect” society.
And if these two gentlemen are prosecuted for “polarizing”, then also Akwasi, KOZP, NOS and Ronnie Flex?

Oh no! How stupid of me, of course they are not prosecuted, because there is a double standard between ordinary Dutch people and the Cosmopolitan Gutmenschen.

Appendix: “Ordinary people are moving to political extremes, under pressure:
Thank you KOZP and Co! ”

Parool, p12-13, Wednesday June 24, 2020



Column: Johan Derksen and Akwasi


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