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Dozens of teachers do not show up after the introduction of the Green Pass in Tyrol

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Governor Tyrol forces teachers to have a Green Pass

The governor of Tyrol Günther Platter signed the Corona Regulation No. 29 on Friday evening. 

Teachers must have the European digital corona certificate. This way you can prove that you have been tested negative, that you have been vaccinated or that you have been “cured”.

It is also recommended that the students maintain a safety distance of at least one meter; In addition, from the age of six the general obligation to wear mouth and nose protection.

It came into effect on September 1, and thus means that teachers without a green passport are no longer allowed to practice their profession. (source)

Gunther Platter

Teachers don't show up

The consequences of this absurd measure, which was still unthinkable in 2019, became clear the same day.

Twenty teachers in schools in South Tyrol resigned on the first day of school.

Another 50 teachers and educators failed to show up to the workplace. Some were denied entry to the schools for lack of evidence of the 3G rule (Geimpfte, Genesene oder Testestete).


In the Brixen/Milland school district alone, seven teachers did not attend classes. 

It is unclear at this time if and when they will return. At another school – the state school will not name them – six teachers were absent.

After the fifth unauthorized absence, the teachers are suspended, as stipulated Friday by the Governor's Ordinance ( UT24 reported ). Teachers with limited employment contracts lose their jobs.

“The teachers who have quit will have their motives if they don't want anything to do with a school that has to impose such rules. It's their decision', said the responsible commissioner Philipp Achammer, who so directly shifts the responsibility to the dolomites. Order is order, isn't it? And beautifully shot too. You can't decide about your body because it will cost you your job and then say "it's their decision". Devils.

Philipp Achammer

In South Tyrol, 36 percent of school workers appear to be unvaccinated, according to Unsertirol24.


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