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dr. Carrie Madej on the Global Transhumanist Takeover Plan & a Message of Hope on the Reawaken America Tour

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By organizing Avalerion Awakes

On June 18, gave dr. Carrie Madej an extensive speech about the global transhumanist takeover plan during the Reawaken America Tour which was held in Tampa, Florida, America.

dr. Carrie Madej is now known among many followers of alternative media for her Human 2.0 (whistleblower) video from more than a year ago. In it, she warns about the experimental gene therapy and nanotechnology that the Covid-19 vaccines contain and that will lead humanity to transhumanism. Based on this video, a 12 part documentary created by Avalerion Awakes (a channel with a scientific molecular biology background) that takes a closer look at Dr. Madej's claims and substantiate them with over 200 sources that are accessible to viewers for further research.

dr. Carrie Madej is a medical intern and has her own practice in McDonough, Georgia. She has been studying vaccines for at least 20 years. During her speech on the Reawaken America Tour, Dr. Madej held the business meetings of scientific and industrial companies that discussed their plans for transhumanism and for which she was recruited, years before the corona era. She tells how she now sees the plans from then taking place all over the world before her eyes. She warns about the content of the genetic vaccines, the implications of possible changes to our human genome and the many side effects that have already been documented. And that despite all these risks, the vaccines continue to be pushed hard under indirect coercion. She talks about a spiritual battle between good and evil and also gives a message of hope and love that for her are rooted in the Christian faith, but are universal.

The speech has been translated by an unknown source, for which many thanks. If anyone knows who translated it, please let us know in the comments below so they can get credit. The quality of the video is not optimal in terms of resolution, but it is easy to follow. A correction in the subtitles: GAVI is translated as Gabi and that is not correct. So it must be GAVI; GAVI – The World Vaccine Alliance, Bill Gates' NGO. You can read more about the corruption and power of Bill Gates within the WHO and his GAVI NGO here. The related Avalerion Awakes articles at the bottom of this article are also recommended for more background information.

You can dr. Watch Madej's entire speech here. The duration is 19:54 minutes.

Direct link on Rumble:

Direct link on Bitchute:


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About the Reawaken America Tour

The Reawaken America Tour is an initiative of entrepreneur coach and co-founder of the ThriveTimeShowClay Clark, and from Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller, leader of the Church influence in Anaheim, California and founder of the news platform American Faith.

The Reawaken America Tour grew out of the successful Health & Freedom conference of June 2021 that Clay Clark in association with General Michael Flynn had organized. It was a huge success that Clay Clark wanted to continue with. On Gen. Flynn's advice was to rebrand the tour as the Reawaken America Tour and the first event on July 17 & 18, 2021 was hosted at Hotsenpiller's megachurch in Anaheim, California. It was livestreamed to approximately 7 million viewers and tickets sold out quickly. There were about 40 speakers during the two-day event, including Thomas Renz.

The Reawaken America Tour has Christian roots and lets people speak who are usually censored by the mainstream media when they speak out against the official Covid narrative. Non-Christian speakers also have their say. According to Hotsenpiller, the aim of the event is to encourage people to get involved in local politics and school governance.

“We get upset about national issues, and that's a good thing. But real change happens at the local level,” says Hotsenpiller. “People have to stand for election or come to important meetings. And never underestimate the impact you can make. It has been proven in California; the provinces with good local government have no cross-border involvement from the state government.”

The Reawaken America Tour has a threefold purpose:

  1. Killing the spirit of fear that grips so many Americans.
  2. Exposing the lies and revealing the truth.
  3. Calling the church to action, specifically by being involved in the church and local politics.


A number of speakers on the tour have spoken:

Gene. Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell and Roger Stone; attorneys Sidney Powell, Leigh Dundas and Lin Wood; doctors Simone Gold, Richard Bartlett, Sherri Tenpenny, Mark Sherwood and dr. Carrie Madej; and predecessors Greg Locke, David Scarlett and Phil Hotsenpiller, among others.

A new event will be livestreamed on September 24-25. You can follow the tour on the website of American Faith & follow the live streams on the ThriveTimeShow and on &


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