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dr. McCullough: "I can no longer recommend vaccinations to my patients."

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In the medical world itself, there are probably more people who know that this vaccine is “not right” and that something completely different is going on here.

That's not rocket science either. We all see that. For example, you can already measure it against the celebrities. Where no famous person died from corona WORLDWIDE, except for a far-fetched individual with always SEVERE disorders in the background, they now fall through the vaccines almost weekly. All ages. All layers of society. 86% of children get side effects And we're talking daily about vaccine deaths now.

A vaccine with obvious dangers and ignorance about what it can do in the long term and what can kill you that you take against something that is almost impossible to kill right away. And the vaccine doesn't work either because somehow the vaccinated have to watch out for the unvaccinated and the latter are treated like they have the plague. Rights are taken away from them.

Then the over the top propaganda for these vaccines with lotteries that can win you millions if you let yourself be injected, free fries to lure kids to take a demonstrably life-threatening injection when they have a whole life ahead of them before they even stand a chance of dying from such a virus.

A ridiculous story! But it is believed. People have been totally brainwashed. If you had presented the same story to the same people in 2019, they would probably have said, just like us: “Yes, huh. That makes sense. There is nothing wrong with that.”

What the media and fear stories of politicians can't do with a person.

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Medical world stands up to vaccination experiment

Fortunately, people have been standing up to this madness from the start, but they are being removed everywhere. An extra bell that should ring.

In my opinion, it is the duty of every doctor to explain clearly what this vaccine means and what the possible dangers are.

I also think that many doctors themselves do not even know what exactly is in those vaccines. To give that injection (or have it given) would go against their oath.

There are probably, superficially, 4 groups.

  1. A group that also firmly believes in it. It is by no means a given that every doctor knows about vaccines and exactly what these deadly vaccines are. On the contrary, I think. It is not their field and only a select few in the medical world can really talk about this because they have studied for it especially, or in addition to their own field.
  2. A group that, and this has been proven several times, will benefit greatly from distributing those vaccines and registering people as covid19 patients. Hospitals earn a lot of money from the so-called,. Covid-19 pandemic.
  3. A group that knows it and has conscientious objections, but keeps their mouths shut due to pressure from the government and colleagues. There are many examples of doctors being silenced by a letter across the floor of the Ministry of Health when warning their patients. (source)
  4. Those who see through it and come out, such as our own in the Netherlands, among others dr. from Rhine who dared to speak with his knowledge about this and to complain to Van Dissel an, whatever the consequences may be. (Not to be confused with the Robert-Jan van Rijn from Bospark General Practitioners, the doctor who coolly COVID-19 wrote down as cause of death of a person who died of a heart attack and never had any complaints. This “doctor” secretly wrote it down. Without informing.


If there's a doctor in the room and I'm saying something wrong here, let me know.

But more and more people from the medical world are stepping out. And many join fuellmich to support him. The man on whom much hope lies with his lawsuits and tribunal preparations.

Much more than the TV virologists and Instagram doctors who say on Monday that everything is fine, casually report on Tuesday that the 13th wave is coming to be in the picture with their followers and go back in the evening satisfied and with a smile to sleep. They don't do anything for you. They don't care about your life. They just do whatever. Literally. Substantiation? Never. They are scammers.


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dr. Peter A. McCullough

When we talk about the most respected people in the medical world, this man is one of them.

dr. Peter A. McCullough from Texas.

A few facts about this man (source):

  • He is a principal in internal medicine for the Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center.
  • dr. McCullough is an internationally recognized authority on the role of chronic kidney disease as a cardiovascular risk condition with >1000 publications and >500 citations in the National Library of Medicine.
  • He is a recipient of the Simon Dack Award from the American College of Cardiology and the International Vicenza Award in Critical Care Nephrology for his fellowship and research.
  • dr. McCullough is founder and current president of the Cardiorenal Society of America, an organization dedicated to bringing cardiologists and nephrologists together to work on the emerging problem of cardiorenal syndromes.
  • He is co-editor of Cardiovascular Medicine Reviews and associate editor of the American Journal of Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine. He is a member of the editorial boards of several specialized journals.
  • McCullough has given presentations on the advancement of medicine around the world and was an invited lecturer at the New York Academy of Sciences, the National Institutes of Health, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency and the US. Congressional Oversight Panel.
  • He enjoys Senior leadership and oversight of clinical, teaching and research activities at major academic medical centers in Detroit, Kansas City and Dallas.
  • McCullough led observational studies and randomized trials of therapies for acute kidney injury, hypertension, acute coronary syndromes, heart failure and cardiorenal syndromes.
  • Chaired and participated in 15 data security monitoring committees for large randomized trials.
  • Advised sponsors and the FDA resulting in approval of 15 new drugs and 3 new in vitro diagnostic tests in use around the world today.


dr. Peter A. McCullough

He has been warning about this for a long time vaccines. Even before these injections were started. (source)

But now that he sees what is happening, he can no longer recommend a vaccine to his patients and sees that it is all about the vaccines. That's the goal. Corona is the reason that was created. (source)

A man the Telegraaf prefers not to write about, let alone the rest. We get (dis)information from people like Van Dissel and Gommers the Instagram virologist on our plate. Gommers without batting an eyelid announces today that the end is in sight and tomorrow announces the 13th wave. They just say what zeggen. And you can take that very literally.

Something was once written about McCullough in the Telegraaf, but apparently it didn't get through the editors. Fortunately, we don't have a final editor here.


Who would you rather listen to in your sanity? To the above 3 media stars or the real medical experts who have a resume to bow to? 

“The stakeholders want a jab in everyone's arm. That is important to them.”McCullough said. "Why?"

Indeed. Why? For heaven's sake people reading this and coming here for the first time. Why? Then just bite the bullet with fewer rights, but as soon as everything emerges you can, and will, breathe a sigh of relief that you did NOT do it. NO VACCINE!

Please listen carefully to this man and wait quietly before making a decision. You can see now that more and more is floating to the top, right? Let that year with fewer rights pass you by. It won't hold anyway. The vaccine is irreversible.

In this excerpt, Dr. McCullough on 4.000 vaccine deaths in the US and 10.000 in Europe. These are dated numbers. This was the case over a month ago. And then all the unknown cases. (source)

Listen to Dr. McCullough:


The Robert Jensen Show #349

Download (Only via PC and you must be logged in. We will change this soon so that everyone can immediately download our videos. Maybe also on mobile.)

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