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Who were really behind the 1st and 2nd world war?

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Source: Rath Foundation

We live in a time of openness! Of course the Established Order wants to prevent this.

In this manifestation on March 13, 2012 in Berlin, Dr. Rath the people in Germany and Europe to take responsibility. It is a call to jointly build a democratic Europe for people and by people - and a new health science based on cure and prevention of diseases.

The scientific research results currently available on natural medicines make it clear that these medicines can reduce numerous common diseases by a considerable proportion. However, this “World without disease” is not granted to us - because all these diseases are a billion dollar market for the Pharma Industry. If we want this world without disease for us and our children, then we must unite. Now!

dr. Rath Foundation (@rathfoundation) | nitter




Full speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Berlin (Dutch subtitles)

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