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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “PCR test does not work. Governments are degrading and without empathy ”

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The PCR test does not work. Does it get through what that means?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich about the non-working PCR test:


Source video:
Kettner-Edelmetalle (Gold & Silber)

We have raised it before and substantiated it with enough sources that the PCR test does NOT work. (source)(source)(source)

That is, the PCR test has not been made, or is not capable of detecting infections or viruses.

If one is willing to accept this fact alone, one can immediately conclude that the entire basis under the corona story, and all measures taken to prevent this virus to “combat”, disappears. In short: The virus is impossible to prove.

Also take these facts (and many others) into account:

Last year:

This year:

Alexov personally performed 140 autopsies on alleged corona deaths. You guessed it?


It means that everything we do (or obey) regarding corona is based on nothing. On air. To a big lie. Everything, yes EVERYTHING was and is for nothing. As a normally curious person you want to know all about that.

You have lost your business for nothing. The enormous polarization worldwide and in small circles is for nothing. Your children who get depressed and are brought up with mouth masks and a meter and a half away is for nothing. The suicides of your loved ones were in vain and are the result of our government knowingly going ahead with these measures.

Your parents or grandparents are isolated as if they were the most serious criminals and therefore lonely and often prefer to die. Also for nothing.

Messages such as these are therefore all the more painful and the greater the anger and misunderstanding that still connects the rest of the population does not intervene:


The masks were for nothing. The curfew. The investments for small and medium-sized companies to make their business “corona-proof” were in vain. Now they were anyway because shortly afterwards their company had to close.

Every aspect of our life that is linked to corona is based on nothing. On NOTHING!

That is what immediately goes through your mind. It is the crux of the scam.

Logical, and for most people it takes no more than half a minute to reach this conclusion when you hear that a PCR test does not work.

At least, you think so.

But when you confront certain people with this, they look at you and you immediately see in the eyes of those people that it absolutely does NOT penetrate.

Shrug: "Whatever." signaling without actually saying it. How indoctrinated are these people, then, to not be able to draw that simple conclusion?

Many have tried to explain to me why these people are and think that way. Stockholm syndrome. Cognitive dissonance. They are in a state of fear. These are all tricks that have also been used time and again in history, but you cannot understand that people “are” like that. Why don't they drive us so crazy and the rest do?

Whatever it is, it won't go down to me.

Before this crisis started, I thought that every person has a voice somewhere in their head, or a light on, that sooner or later warns them when something is not rational.

But the lesson learned from this crisis for many of us is that most of humanity has been shaped in such a way that critical thinking and asking critical obvious questions is no longer a natural thing. Not even when it is so obvious.

Never before has there been so much evidence, which is also available to everyone, to show that we are all being pissed off by psychopaths and that our lives and money are being taken away.

Mullis penalties

The inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis, who passed away in 2019, has always been clear that this test is unable to detect infectious viruses. In any case, this man has had an impressive career and track record and it opens your eyes to other issues such as AIDS and how to actually look at so-called “viruses”. Very interesting for a separate article.

Now that he is dead, the media and fact-checkers that Google is ranking high can continue their fear campaign and dictate that all of his statements and work should be interpreted differently.

I can't hear the word “fact checker” anymore. A fact checker in 2021, someone who should undermine truths about covid as much as possible. And as soon as they really get stuck, it gets the stamp: not proven. Except for the question of whether covid actually exists.

Christian Drosten

Christian Drosten is a German virologist and one of the explorers of the SARS coronavirus SARS-CoV (Covid19). He was the person who introduced the PCR test as the means to detect this so-called virus.

How he has tried to put humanity in complete fear is criminal. (source)  Threatening with millions of deaths in a short time, he became known. And although nothing has come out what this guy says, he remains an “expert” thanks to the media.

Christian Drosten

The weird thing is that nothing this man says has ever come true. The claims never came true, even if you believe in the corona story and include the "official" numbers you should be able to see that we are talking about a shitty virus and nothing we have been warned about has come true.

In contrast, all the claims of the so-called “conspiracy thinkers” come true one by one.

Not surprising because it has all been described for a long time and can be found by everyone. The truth is easy to defend by simply looking up and reading the plans of the WEF, WHO, EU and other Devilish agencies. Then you have a very good idea of ​​what to expect (if we do nothing). And that is why the wappiez have been proved right again and again, to the annoyance of those who call themselves “normal” when in reality they have just a deviation. The inability to think rationally and the non-existent motivation to commit oneself, their environment and own offspring by daring to look further in these critical times and to pursue the truth, shows a major defect in this people.

How is it possible that the population still does not want to see it? Where does that intellectual laziness come from not to look a little further than the Lügenpresse?

And why not understand that the media have major interests and are therefore the first that you should NOT trust when it comes to genuine news.

The media and politicians still praise Drosten but he will mainly play a leading role during the tribunal as one of the main suspects with those same people from the media behind him in the benches. Without camera. With handcuffs. Waiting for their turn to stand before the gate and justify their crimes against humanity.

Use our new header search and find everything you need to know about corona, covid19 and the vaccines.

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