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Drag Queen hour for the kids in Sweden

Sweden is lost. The Swedish government is ready to set aside € 160.000 to allow the children to catch up with drag queens for an hour at school.

This is also paid from the Allmänna arvsfonden. A government body where the money and possessions of deceased people go without a will or direct family.

De € 160.000 is paid to  Kultureföreningen Mums (cultural association of mothers).

This association was established to it "Broadening cultural offer in Sweden" and have the special purpose of promoting LGBT + madness, diversity and equality.

After a short search this turns out to be an extreme left-wing platform and has little to do with mothers.

The left Kultureföreningen Mum may use the 160 thousand peak to organize events in which transvestites, transgender people and other beings who do not know what they are, come to tell the children hates and fairy tales.










“The money will be used to fulfill the wishes and needs of the target group (the school children). This is going to happen in a setting of a transvestite show and so-called drag show workshops." said a supervisor of Allmänna arvsfonden who dares to explain this with dry eyes.

But this is not the only useful thing that is done with this money from deceased people. Other left-wing authorities also receive large sums of money. One of them spends the money “Commitment to the climate” for young people. (source)

Why can't everyone just be who he is and not bother each other with that? What does another person care about what sexual preference you have or that you have been converted? Things went well in the 90s and early 2000s. The Netherlands in particular has always been a tolerant country. also in this respect but the madness that we now see cannot be described with a pen.

You may have looked strange when converted, but you have to take that for granted. We all have something like that. We make jokes about blacks. The blacks in turn over the whites. We make jokes about gays and yes, also about converted ones.

But this kind of madness gets the blood out of people's nails. The left insists that this madness leads to connection, but it only leads to more and more polarization in our society.

You should almost be embarrassed that you are straight. It is also the only mode for which special days are not yet organized or money from funds is spent.

Things are not going well in Sweden anyway. That is not so strange when the left is in power. The country is seriously threatening to go to civil war.





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