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Three people stabbed in France - Perpetrator: "Dirty white French!"

This happened in Nimes last Thursday. A couple roamed the streets and asked the three final victims a cigarette.

After the group of three said they didn't get a cigarette, the couple became aggressive and continued to intimidate themselves for a cigarette.

Then it seemed as if the two finally gave up and everyone continued their own way.

But very shortly thereafter the man of the couple came back with a knife and attacked the three boys because they hadn't given a cigarette before.

All three boys were taken to the hospital. All three have sustained stab wounds. Two of them were able to return home fairly quickly. But the third boy was stabbed in the liver and is still in the hospital.

When the police arrived on the scene, they arrested the woman who was with the attacker. It is still unclear whether the perpetrator has reported to the police or whether he is still walking around freely. The police are vague about that. They did, however, say that it was a 21-year-old man.

During the attack, the couple shouted to the three boys: "Dirty French!" and “Dirty Whites!”.

The police do not want to say which nationality the suspect has. 

The prosecutor has opened an investigation for attempted murder.

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