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Dries van Langenhove: "Don't let your girlfriend insult or hit!"

Dries van Langenhove is 26 years old and is the founder of the conservative nationalist youth movement Shield and Friends.

Since 2019 he has been working in the Chamber of Representatives on behalf of Vlaams Belang. He studied at the University of Ghent. Dries is not only a political scientist and lawyer, but he is also a qualified plumber.

The name Shield and Friends is derived from the cry Shield and Friend that was used in 1302 in Bruges where the people of Bruges turned against members of the French garrison.

In response to a number of messages and videos in which girls and young women are harassed by young immigrants, he called for self-defense: “Go to the boxing club. Become resilient. Don't let anyone insult or hit your girlfriend. ”

Here a video in which an immigrant hits a white girl because she did not want to give her number.

This message from van Langenhove was of course considered by many to be extreme. In other words: You just have to bother your girlfriend and not give anything back because violence doesn't solve anything.


Van Langenhove is dismissed as a racist and Nazi by the Belgian media(source)

On Wikipedia, Dries van Langenhove is portrayed without hesitation as Extremely right. 

The substantiations are paper-thin based on assumptions and speculations that Dries himself denies. The man was never convicted for anything. If we do start talking in those terms: The article is clearly written by extreme left. Bah.

Read a column by Dries van Langenhove here and judge for yourself:



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