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Dries van Langenhove visits the Greek border: No women and children here!

“Believe me, you really don't see women or children here. Here are thousands of angry young men alone. ”

Vlaams Belang MPs Dries Van Langenhove and Tom Vandendriessche were in Greece until Wednesday, near the border post where tens of thousands of migrants are trying to enter the country.

Sceptr reported the interview of Dries ..

“What we see here is unreal. These are war images. ”, says Van Langenhove.

The Vlaams Belang delegation landed in Athens on Monday afternoon to immediately take an extra flight to Evros, the Greek department bordering Turkey.

Van Langenhove and Vandendriessche meanwhile visited four border posts. (source)

“We talk here with the border guards, with the local mayors, with the population. Most people are angry to very angry. ”

“Some farmers can no longer reach their fields, fishermen can no longer go fishing. And the mayors are very concerned about the fate of their residents. ”, says Van Langenhove.

"The people here are really at war."

It was asked whether he has also spoken to the Greeks who guard the border.

“Of course. And those people feel abandoned by the EU. They are also tired of false reporting of what is happening here. The media is spreading images of women and crying children. ”, said Dries.

“But believe me, you really don't see women or children here. Here are thousands of angry young men pelting the border guards and the military with stones and anything they can get hold of.

“These are not scenes that you feel sorry for. This can only scare you. ”

When asked if they are also impressed:

“Well, yes. If you see images or photos on television, that is already a punishment. But being confronted with that in real life is something else. The people here are really at war. ”

"If you describe migrants here as refugees, you get the whole village all over you!"

Defenses are being carried out to provide additional protection for that border. Extra barbed wire is needed, higher and firmer fences.

New thresholds are constructed with excavators. Fire brigade, police, border guards, the military is on standby.

The Greeks feel that this is an organized invasion.

“These are clearly not war refugees. According to figures from the Greek police, only 4 percent of them are from Syria. The rest are mainly Somalis, Pakistanis and Afghans. ””

“The Greek border guards are also our border guards. I've already learned a lot by being able to talk to them directly. These men really wanted to have their picture taken with me when their commander said that I was “The man who showed the Greek flag in parliament” used to be!"

Many of those migrants are said to have been released from Turkish prisons. When asked if Dries thinks those statements are correct:

“'I have to inquire about that again. The general here says that the vast majority are mainly criminals, so that could be true. ”

“According to the commander-in-chief, they are mainly jihadis and criminals. Most media always speak of refugees. But if you describe the migrants here as refugees, you get the whole village over you. ”

According to the Vlaams Belang press release, you not only want to express your support for Greece, but at the same time also want to know what help is needed. How can you provide that help?

“Vlaams Belang is part of the ID (Identity and Democracy) fraction in Europe. We are a large group and we will argue for more support for the Greeks. We are well aware that the Greeks are not just defending their own border. ”

“They are also guarding our borders and our future. The Greeks are loyal and we would give them better support and money than Erdogan. ”

Dries continued:

“On the Turkish-Greek border, on the other side of the fence, are thousands of Afghans, Somalis, etc. who want to enter. Fortunately, the Greek army and police are protecting our borders. We must give them all the support for this. ”

You also unfolded a Greek flag in parliament. Did those images reach Greece?

“And or! And that action has encouraged people. I am very much spoken to about it. ”

“Everywhere I go, I have to be photographed. With house mothers, with shopkeepers, with firefighters, yes, even with generals. People feel supported by my action. ”

"In Flanders, I often have to take a picture with someone, but that's no less the case here!" (laughs)

Read a more detailed article with photos of the 2 men at the Greek border here:

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