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KALERGI: Everybody's Bastard's Plan

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Author: Leslie Alexis


Kalergi: Everybody's Bastard's Plan

We know that the New World Order is the ultimate goal.

The dirty plan that SHE forging while you were sleeping is partly revealed.

Such as the van Coudenhoven-Kalergi Plan:


Falsely portrayed, the phenomenon of mass immigration has been cleverly presented to us by the political elite as 'inevitable'.


The rich bankers, the billionaires, 'they', the 1%, the Elite, Deep State, Deep Pockets, Zionists, Free Masons.

We want to know their names!!

Lest we forget!

Part 2: Richard van Coudenhove-Kalergi

Regarded by the elite as the founder of the EU.

In 1923, this aristocrat started the PAN-Europe movement.

A pan-region is a geographic region whose economic, political and cultural influences extend beyond the borders of that region.

Count Richard van Coudenhove-Kalergi wanted to create, as it were, a United States of Europe, the European Union. A federal superstate, without borders or national identities.
PAN Europe was the forerunner of this.

Richard was one of the founders of the multicultural dystopia we live in.
A key figure behind the tsunami of Third World citizens to the Netherlands and all of Europe.



For 49 years he was the president of the PAN European Union and in his book
'More Practical IdealismHe writes that he aims to create a Eurasian-Negroid race that will replace the diversity of people.




“Bolsheviks will take decisive steps to end this Doel to achieve,” says de Graaf in his book.

“And a select group of 'communist spiritual aristocrats' will run the whole thing."

“Jews are comparatively superior to all others in terms of relevance.
They produced important men such as Trotsky (real name: Lev Davidovich Bronstein), pioneer in modern politics,” said van Coudenhove-Kalergi.



Ignaz Seipel was also present. The Chancellor of Austria and Catholic priest. He was later murdered in 1932 while staying in a sanatorium in the Vienna Woods by a socialist.



Kalergi writes:

“The prominent position of Jews today is due to their superior spirituality.”

“Anti-Semitism is one of the phenomena that occurs in response of the mediocre to the supreme.” finds Richard.

These are literal quotes en quotes from Kalergi's writings:

“Today's races and classes will slowly become extinct thanks to the disappearance of time, space and prejudice.”

“Europe, against its will, has itself ensured that, instead of exterminating them through an artificial selection process, the Jews have become
sophisticated, highly educated leaders of a new Union.
No wonder that, having escaped from the ghettos, they developed into the spiritual nobility of Europe,” wrote Robert.

Kalergi considered Jewish people the crème de la crème of this planet and the ONLY ONE fit to rule on Earth.


Baron Louis de Rothschild brought Richard into contact with the German-Jewish banker Max Warburg.
Warburg invested the first 60.000 Marks in PAN Europe and introduced van Coudenhove to, among many others, banker Paul Walburg in America, while financially sustaining Kalergi's PAN European Union for three years.

Austrian and Marxist Karl Renner, as well as French politicians such as Jewish socialist Léon Bloum etc. also helped.

Benito Mussolini referred the plan to the garbage can, but the Italian socialist Aristide Briand was interested in the sinister ideas from Kalergi.


Masonic lodge B'nai B'rith


During the 30s, the project was forced to stop, only to be rolled out again after WWII, thanks in part to the diligent efforts of Winston Churchill, the New York Times and the Jewish Freemasons lodge. B'nai B'rith
(Free Masons) Richard's plan was eventually accepted by the United States.
De CIA was deployed to further accomplish the Kalergi:

The end of the nation's right to self-determination through mass immigration and ethnic separatists.




to easy under the thumb to be kept by the elite, a homogeneous mixed breed with below-average intellect and without national, historical and cultural cohesion must be cultivated.

The EU's motives for favoring minorities and flying in asylum seekers therefore have no humanitarian basis.
It is the ruthless regime that maliciously de biggest genocide ever is executing.

Also George Brock ChisholmFor example, former and first head and co-founder of the WHO (World Health Organization) said:

“What people everywhere have to do now is birth control and promote mixed marriages. From this will a new breed which will be controlled by a central organ. "



Psychiatrist Chisholm was a Marxist.
A conservative Southern California women's group called him the "Aunt Christchurch'.

His expertise as a psychiatrist included: sexual education en anxiety.

Also encouraging condom use was on his agenda.

After first birth control on possible ways According to the EU, millions of immigrants were suddenly needed to boost our birth rate!

159 million asylum seekers until 2025. According to a 2000 report from the United Nations in New York.

The implementation of the Kalergi Plan is already at an advanced stage. Europe is fused with the Third World.

Denying our identity would be a humanitarian and progressive act, after all “racism” is wrong, the EU said.
We have become blind consumers who do not go against the lies of the System. Exactly according to plan.

Everyone should be aware of this truth:

This is suicide.

Richard van Coudenhove-Kalergi had a Japanese mother,
Mitsuko Maria Thekla van Coudenhove Kalergi Aoyama.



His father Heinrich, (who married Mitsuko after she helped him fall from his horse in Japan), had Brabantian, Hungarian en Austrian blood.
He was Earl and diplomat.

He was known for being very strict. He let his children sleep on straw mattresses and taught them to shoot with live ammunition at an early age. They also had to bathe in ice cold water.


At his Ronsperg castle in western Bohemia, today Poběžovice, Heinrich set up an extensive library, which he devoted to books on philosophy, ethics, religion, mysticism and church and religious history.

In addition, he built up a large collection on Judaism, which he was initially critical of.

But once during mass, when the priest said something Heinrich thought was anti-Semitic (“Let us pray for the unbelieving Jews”), he got up from the pew and left.

He spoke 16 languages. Richard also spoke many languages, including Hebrew.

Heinrich van Coudenhove-Kalergi died of a heart attack at the age of 46. However, his library has survived to this day.

Thanks to the close contacts with European aristocrats and politicians plus the network from his father Heinrich, writer and philosopher Richard managed to profile himself unobserved.

He peddled his plan and lobbied a lot from all the influential statesmen until they... supporters en employees were part of the so-called 'European Integration Plan'.

Kalergi was married three times, twice with a Jewish woman.

Melanie Benatzky-Hoffmann was his third wife.

His second wife was named Alexandra Grafin von Tiele-Winkler.

He first married in 1915 to a previously married actress Ida Rolandwho was 13 years older than him.



His mother, Mitsuko, disagreed and expelled Richard from the family.


Ida Roland dressed as 'Cleopatra'

Kalergi's mother called Ida 'a beggar by the riverside'.

Mama Mitsuko only welcomed Richard back after he was a celebrated man and his Kalergi Plan a big success turned out to be.

She is honored by Jewish fashion house 'Guerlain'.
They launched a perfume that bears her name.

The One Eye Symbol is of course not missing in the commercial.

More about that in a next episode of The Culprits.


Ida with writer Thomas Mann, Second PAN European Congress, 1930

The story goes that Richard's wife Ida gave him the whole evil plan whispered. But this rumor is impossible to verify.

Well documented is the fact that in 1921 Richard Kalergi was initiated during a ritual and thus joined the Masonic. (Free Masons)



Within which he obtained several degrees.

In 1929 and in 1955 he proposed to choose Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' as the European anthem: 'Alle menschen will brothers'.

But meanwhile, Adolf Hitler wiped the floor with Kalergi and his plan was vomited.
Hitler made no secret of his lively dislike for Richard van Coudenhove-Kalergi.
He didn't turn his heart into a murder pit by openly berating him for 'everybody's bastard' and 'Cosmopolitan bastard'.
("Everyone's Whore Son" and "Cosmopolitan Whore Son")

Adolf Hitler thought that the 'elitist, unrooted half-caste cosmopolitan' Richard Kalergi made a historic mistake by proposing the Kalergi Plan.
He described his political opponent in his 'Zweites Buch' as ​​'Allerweltsbastarden Coudenhove'. The book was released in 1961.

The Nazis regarded the PAN European Union as 'under the influence of the Freemasons'.

In the book 'Freemasons, worldview, organization and politics'
it was revealed that van Coudenhove-Kalergi was a Freemason.
Normally, a Freemason membership is kept secret.
The Freemasons were considered undesirable by the Nazis.

However, Kalergi's name cannot be found in the '10.000 famous Free Masons' register published by the American Free Masons from 1957 to 1960.

Perhaps this is because in 1926 he saw the Freemasons'HumanitasLodge appears to have left to avoid criticism that has arisen about the link and ties between the PAN-European Union and the Free Masons.

The Nazis wrote about what Kalergi and the Free Masons did in 1924 and 1925.

Richard wrote about his time with the Freemasons in his 1966 book 'Ein Leben für Europa'.

A Freemasons yearbook says that Kalergi died of a stroke, but his secretary wrote that Richard Nikolaus Eijiro van Coudenhove Kalergi zelfmoord committed in 1972.

Her memoirs state that his death was concealed by his comrades.
Suicide probably cast a dark stain on their white genocide.








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