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Dutch translation: LockStep document from the Rockefeller Foundation

Ten years ago, the rich and powerful Rockefeller Foundation played through and beautifully described a scenario in which a pandemic leads to autocratic forms of government with total surveillance and control of the citizens.

The so-called LockStep document.

This is the agenda for the implementation of “Lock Step”, a devilish plan with the intention of locking us in steps.

We must ensure a healthy counter-movement: “Free Step”, the movement that liberates us from oppression and leads step by step to more freedom. We are all freedom fighters.

[pdf embedder url=”” title=”Scenario Lockstep”]

Download the .pdf here:

[easy_media_download url=”[pdf embedder url=”” title=”Scenario Lockstep”]

Download the .pdf here:

Now the same foundation has published a pandemic plan on how this scenario can be realized.
More about this:

Translation LockStep document selflessly translated by:

Upside Down:

The Rockefellers
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