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Email problems at CommonSenseTV

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Dear readers and viewers,

From the beginning we have had the aim: Answer every email. And fast!

That was a breeze when we received 3 emails a day, but the last few weeks we have received a lot of email.

We are only happy with that, of course.

We save all tips and we also like nice personal contact with readers.

Once you receive a lot of emails, you will find out (too late) that it is important to properly set up and organize your email box and to use the right client.
So I find out now. It has become chaos and I found out that many of our answers never arrived.

Especially not with people who have an email from their ISP such as chello, KPN and Telfort.



I saw these emails in a folder a few days ago. So I answered 22 people but they never received an email.


We asked what could be causing our host:

That does not make you much wiser. The last few days I have answered some emails with an old GMail account for emergency, but today a brand new client is being set up that is functionally furnished.

So now I know that many people are waiting for an answer. I thought it was strange that I did not receive a response from certain people. In addition, I am also behind on answering emails.

For example, someone has registered that they would like to participate in CSTV and it sounded very good, but I can not find it anymore and they are waiting for an answer after 2 emails. I miss another video that sent someone to subtitle.

Lesson learned. Configure mailbox properly and we will see if the problem with outgoing mails can be solved today.

Haven't had an answer and are you still waiting? Apologies, send it again!

Do you want to place an article? Write a column? Make a video for our YouTube channel?

We get a lot of submissions that we can not always deal with because they are often single videos or links to articles. We have to make choices.

But ready-made pieces are very welcome!




Spread the freedom!

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