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Eco-fear: Children nightmares and insomnia due to climate change

A growing number of children suffer from the eco-anxiety created by the left.

BBC conducted a survey among 2.000 children between 8 and 16 years old which shows that 80% children feel frustrated and anxious about climate change.

Around 20% of children say they even have nightmares due to climate change and 17% have eating disorders due to climate change.

When asked if the children think that enough action is being taken by world leaders to do it "issue" to resolve, the majority replied that they are also frustrated about that.

The BBC is bringing this news with the intention of stirring up the climate debate once again. It shows so clearly how children are brainwashed in education about this absurd view of climate change and the even more absurd "Approach" thereof.

The goal is to talk to the children so much fear until they go under psychologically.

It is unbelievable how to get everything done to indoctrinate children worldwide instead of teaching them to look at things like this with an open mind. It is pure political indoctrination.

“We have to support the children so that they don't feel hopeless but hopeful! Clearly, children are passionately concerned about our planet. Those children who are rightly faced with great fears are entitled to professional help. ” said Emma Citron, a left-wing climate scammer who like “Child psychologist” legal children may brainwash (and make full use of it).

“Public figures such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough help young children to voice their fears. As adults, we also need to make sure that our children listen to them carefully. Schools also play an important role. ” 

What it comes down to is that children are first scared in schools with doom scenarios such as the world that will end in 10 years and then to such psychiatrists be controlled that complete the brainwashing process.

These children can vote in a number of years.

The children are the only hope of the globalists. People are waking up worldwide and believing less and less in the fairy tales of the alarmists, but this billion-dollar campaign by the big NGOs and powerful people behind Greta Thunberg has proved successful.

The goal is to talk to the children so much fear that they sometimes even suffer psychologically.



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