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A powerful message from Jerusalem that everyone should see!

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By organizing Avalerion Awakes

On Wednesday, May 5, an International Unity prayer meeting was held in Jerusalem to pray against injecting children with experimental genetic Covid-19 vaccines. The event was live streamed and hosted by the Common Denominator.

De Common Denominator (The Common Shareholder) was founded by the activist Ilana Rachel Daniel. She is a health consultant, writer, and living in Jerusalem, Israel. The Common Denominator stands for what connects us together at a higher level; A common connection and consciousness that transcends origins and beliefs, set in motion in particular by the totalitarian global corona policy, a 'mass awakening' if you will. In the case of the prayer meeting, experiments with genetic Covid-19 injections on children are something we oppose regardless of belief.

People from Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Bahai communities were invited to the prayer meeting. The activist group that organized this consisted of both Jewish and Christian participants and these communities were notably represented in the event. The Muslim community was unable to participate due to Ramadan and a Christian speaker unfortunately did not show up. What was special was that at the end of the event a group of Muslims joined the people of the event on the grass and gave them a 'thumbs up'.

The meeting was highly interactive, where people stepped forward and quoted inspiring scriptures, interspersed with music and speeches. Unfortunately, the event could not withstand the Big Tech censorship and the live stream was blocked by Facebook at 249 locations. A Japanese Bahai friend of Ilana's stayed up until 1am to attend the event, but it was also blocked in her country.





Fortunately, there were a few thousand people who livestreamed the Common Denominator followed. Surely that's where you want the people, on your own free platform.

You can read Ilana's powerful speech on here Rumble see back with Dutch subtitles (Time: 12:36 minutes):


And you can watch the entire event in English here (Time: 59:22 minutes):

As expected, some 70 people attended the meeting, Ilana reported. According to her, demonstrations in Jerusalem are usually small-scale. The event was also more focused on the online community. There were some technical hickups with the live stream, but despite that, everything went very well and there was a good atmosphere of conviviality. In any case, a foundation has been laid for these types of events, where the necessary seeds have been planted again. God has been honored and asked for help in this tremendous spiritual battle between good and evil that we find ourselves in and that is greater than all of us. Ultimately, it is all in God's hands. Hopefully, similar initiatives will be picked up both nationally and internationally and more and more people from different faiths will participate.


You can follow Ilana on her Telegram Channel:

And on her website:


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