Election fraud 2021

Jan De Man, Saturday March 13, 2021

Never in the history of parliamentary democracy in the Netherlands have elections been as important and crucial as those in 2021!

Global interests
Those who pay close attention, look and listen, have seen, heard and read that a global plan is being rolled out. Those who have read, heard and seen it know that this is the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. Our current prime minister, Mark Rutte, is a passionate advocate of these goals and D66's party leader, Sigrid Kaag, has these goals in her duties. The same applies to international trade, development cooperation and international environmental and climate policy. Especially the latter part plays a primary role on a global level.

World Economic Forum (WEF)
The WEF, headed by Klaus schwab, supports and supports the SDG. In January 2019, but also in 2020, Mark Rutte, Wobpke Hoekstra, Maxima Van Oranje and Sigrid Kaag were present during the talks of Agenda 2030 (pdf). This agenda is the roadmap and the user manual for the implementation, (politically) implementation and implementation of the SDG. The WEF is the great promoter and driver of this agenda that ensures that everything that we considered normal is abolished.

Dutch elections and postal votes
Due to global interests and the 'threat' of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it is of the utmost importance that the VVD + D66 combination continues to be implemented in the Dutch government and the House of Representatives. These two parties in general, and Mark Rutte and Sigrid Kaag in particular, play an absolute and fundamental key role in the implementation of the SDG and the associated economic and climate goals.

Kajsa Ollongren (D66), as Minister of the Interior, is at the helm of the organization of our national elections. Because of the aforementioned 'threat' of the virus and the associated measures, it has come to the conclusion that massive (2.4 miljoen) may be voted by post. Confusion has already arisen and mistakes are being made, even though I started my article with the observation that these elections are crucial for our country and our people.

Because so much can go wrong with it postal votes (pdf) fraud is around the corner and it doesn't take much to encourage fraud. Until now, 10.000 postal votes have already been voted invalid declared. But what's more important? The outcome! And precisely when 2.4 million postal votes are sent, all kinds of things can go 'wrong' when collecting them.

FVD warns against fraud
All these measures make the elections more susceptible to fraud. For example, the Electoral Council has already warned against the risk of misuse in postal votes and recommended that this only be possible on request. The government has not adopted this advice.

For incomprehensible reasons, the minister has even decided that postal votes cast in which the signature is missing may still be counted. Voting by proxy has been controversial for years, it can encourage recruitment practices and also undermines voting secrecy. However, this has now not been restricted further, but has been expanded.

And with votes cast this year being massively transported and stored before they are counted, voters no longer have the ability to physically monitor the process - from the time polling stations open until the polls open.

last vote is counted. Even if the ballot boxes are sealed, this does not provide an absolute guarantee that the votes cannot be tampered with during transport. For example, in 2012 a large-scale exam fraud could take place at the Rotterdam school Ibn Galdoun, despite the sealing of the exams. (Bron)

Election results
Finally, the election results. In this article I explained the importance of the combination VVD / D66. Both sides barely campaign with great similarities with the US elections in which Joe Biden was virtually invisible and yet won the greatest victory ever. How could that be? By voting by letter you can influence the outcome and that influence is about to happen to our country because 'they' can no longer win it without cheating. If VVD and D66 win these elections, then I know that we as a country will be lost because these parties will further destroy our freedoms, our democracy and our health, because that is exactly what they did in 2020 and are still continuing.

When Rutte and Kaag take over, our chances will be gone after March 17, 2021. The NPO, all other state-minded broadcasters and media organizations are happy to point in the direction of Rutte and Kaag. The Dutch voters have one more chance! Only FVD argues for the complete freedom of the Netherlands. FVD is the only party that wants to lift all measures and give back complete freedom to our people and our country.

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