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Election fraud in America like we've never seen before

And not only does a cesspool open in America ...

This is going to be so big and so important to all of us. Many feel it as a battle between “We the people” with Donald Trump as leader and symbol against this rotten and corrupt system in the Western world.

The man who stood up to finally tackle the corrupt media, the big techs (Especially Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter). The man who wants to tackle The Deep State. The cartel.

"My greatest achievement will be: Exposing the widespread corruption!", that's what Trump has always said from day one. The man is 74. Vanity, himself, smart and this man wants to die a hero and be seen as the man who did IT.

We may experience it ...

Sidney powell

Sidney Powell claimed she was “within two weeks” to prove in court since "We now have more than enough evidence".

Don't forget that Sidney Powell is not on the Trump team itself but is fighting separately against a probably longer process to completely empty the cesspool. For years she has been so fed up with what she sees happening and this is also her moment. She is very passionate. A very brave woman who wants to go very far. We are going to see where that ends. She is certainly in contact with the Trump team, but has been wrongly called "Trump's attorney".

"We now have more evidence than the current population is locked up", Powell told Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo, (source) while laughing at a statement from Dominion Voting Systems denying the attorneys' claim that the company's software was being used to pull votes away from President Donald. Trump and give them to Democrat challenger Joe Biden, and that the company had ties to Venezuela. (source)


“All I can tell you is that maybe the company has broken off relationships in some way or recently tried to break up, I don't know how they analyze their words but I can tell you the company was founded with Venezuelan money in Venezuela for the express purpose of manipulating Hugo Chavez elections, "Powell said. (source)

She also claimed there were people who were "in the control room" and how they "watched the votes" turn in real time.

"We now have evidence of information from the systems that went to three or four different countries during the election period, those countries could have seen for themselves how the votes were coming in and changing based on the numbers"Powell said. "There is significant evidence of foreign interference from the world's worst communist countries in our elections."

Dominion has firmly denied all claims of the campaign, stressing that it is an independent US company with no ties to Venezuela or any other countries, that it is unable to track votes in real time, and that all results are '100%' . verifiable. ” (source)


But when Bartiromo asked Powell what the "most stunning, most blatant" piece of evidence of the campaign is, Powell referred to a young military officer "who saw it all happen and was there when it was created."

"We have all kinds of evidence that is mathematically incontrovertible by experts, including three professors at Princeton, and it all proves the same thing, the evidence from individual poll watchers seeing votes coming in, seeing the machines being manipulated," she added.

This printout shows that 6 votes were received at 31:150.000 AM. 135.000 for Biden.


All fraud can be read when you put the numbers next to each other. The same goes for Corona by the way. That is why we were immediately critical from day one when Corona came to the Netherlands. There is so much to read from the numbers. And in the case of Corona, it is VERY clear.

The "official" result would mean that a LOT of Republicans voted for the Senate and for The House for the Republicans but voted for Biden as President.

We have not yet spoken about the, now more than a hundred, witnesses who declare or wish to declare under oath. They are not sure of their lives. Some do come out publicly.

See an interview with Powell here. (Dutch subtitles)

Pay attention. This interview is actually old news. It was the day before yesterday (18/11/2020) and so much more has come to light in the meantime. Subtitling takes a lot of time (or money if we outsource it).


It is such a shame that we in the Netherlands do not really get to know what is happening in America. Our fake media dismisses everything as “false claims” and how they fool themselves when THE MOMENT arrives.

The Dems are capable of anything. What is happening in America cannot be described.

About BlackLivesMatter, Antifa, but especially the shameless lying, intimidating, threatening media and Democrats who inundate their supporters with lies and hatred. Hate Trump to save their own skin.

This kind of news is commonplace. (Dutch subtitles)

If we got the honest news from the US, we would know what the Democrats are doing. If we knew how to endure Trump and all his tens of millions of peaceful people in his rank and file, if we knew what the man stands for, we would DIRECTLY see the comparisons to our own corrupt politics.

Here in the Netherlands and in the EU. We would have a completely different public opinion in this country and see through much more. It's a shame. It could have saved us so much trouble.

Where have you seen tens of thousands of people before "I love you" screaming during a rally? Even all rallies?



These people have had to endure what lies ahead if we don't wake up very soon.

Do you really want to stay informed about what is happening in the United States around mega fraud, corona hype and other issues?

Forget FOX News. On Tucker Carlson en Hannity after all, FOX is also part of the cartel. And FOX also knew that after election night. They have lost millions of viewers. Where do they go then? NewsMaxTV and OAN. What a BREATHING!

Do you still want to watch FOX? We found a stream so you can follow FOX all day:

NewsMaxTV and OAN. Refreshing news. Genuine news. News as it should be.

People who can follow English-language news well, put this in your favorites:

We are in no way affiliated with these news channels, but we still miss this fresh sound in the Dutch living rooms and we think it is important that people see this.

NewsMax: An MSM that can be reached all over America by cable. On YouTube and their own website they broadcast 24/7:

And OAN (One American News Network). The same kind of news channel that is growing like wildfire.


Also check out this Dutch site:

Everything about Trump and the election is collected here.

Additional source:


Elections: Trump or Biden? The real state of affairs



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