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Over the years, the internet has become increasingly important for the information and opinion forming of a growing number of internet users.

The major tech companies in the field of communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc., are very aware of this. Therefore, in recent years, they have become increasingly involved in the content posted on their platforms, through censorship.

Censorship takes different forms on social media:
-Direct exile
-Shadow banning (algorithmic hiding from the platform users feed)
-Strikes and time-outs (“Your post was against our TOS, that's why you're not allowed to post for a week”)

Tech companies such as Facebook and equals have their own political agenda, depending on which course offers potential for profit maximization: At the moment, that is the aim towards Globalization and Neo-Liberalism, in which mega-corporations are swaying.

Hence, YouTube recently performed a large-scale ban on multiple major channels, like Stefan Molyneux (900.000+ subscribers) and American Renaissance (134.000) because of their videos in which they put forward well-founded arguments against multiculturalism and mass immigration.

For years, attention was focused on Election intervention on research into "Russian intervention" in the US elections. That yielded nothing, except evidence that a Russian "troll farm" had bought $ 100.000 worth of Facebook ads for Bernie, Hillary and Trump.

In the meantime, the Social Media Giants in Silicon Valley (CA) pumped a multitude of that amount into Democrats to get a better grip on the Party, the States, and ultimately the US.

Source reference:

Tarl Warwick - Millionaires censor social media to influence election

The large-scale ban of multiple major channels on YouTube, within one day

Appendix: “And Zuckerberg seems to like it all”

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