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Trump vs. Biden: The state of affairs in America

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Donald Trump vs. Big Techs


No President will be elected or re-elected in the coming days or weeks. This is going to take months.

We will be taken into the adventure of Donald Trump and his loyal following of 70 million Americans who yearn for a normal life the way we do. An adventure in which we will be inundated along the way with evidence that there has been some of the greatest electoral fraud of all time and this will likely end in the supreme court: The United States Supreme Court.

Donald Trump is going to take us along in his attempt to defeat this thoroughly corrupt system, the fake media, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the so-called DeepState, the Clintons, Bidens and Epstein friends of this world and other corrupt multi-millionaires and big techs. expose and condemn.

Here's Donald Trump. From day one, he has said his main achievement will be to expose all this corruption. This is his moment.

But it will not be easy. He takes on the most powerful people and (internet) companies in the world.

People who (think they) hate Trump *:
Do not immediately judge when evidence or clues about fraud come in and do not dismiss it as “conspiracies”.

Something big is going on here and it is very important that the bottom stone comes up. This is about electoral fraud. The greatest crime that can be committed in a democracy.

It must be brought to the attention and the media does it not or unilaterally. Here the other side. And whichever side you're on ... Everyone wants the truth to emerge.

There will also be claims from various people that may later prove incorrect. Reporting someone making a claim does not automatically mean we are proclaiming it as the truth. We report on what we see and hear and you can judge for yourself.

* "Thinking to hate" because of the belief that many Dutch people would change their opinion about Trump if they really knew who he is, what he did and why he stole the hearts of some 70 million Americans. Millions more than in 2016.
But the media does not give us a chance to get to know the man. Trump is bad and we must agree to that. Point.

Election night

On election night, it looked like Donald Trump was going to win the election, just like in 2016. With big lead in the keystates where most had already counted more than 90% of the vote, Trump was well ahead.

But to describe what happened then, you really must have experienced the evening (night) itself. You see it happening before your own eyes. Very strange things. Suddenly the counting was stopped in some States for 4 hours and then, out of nowhere, hundreds of thousands of votes came in for Biden. All votes that have come in through the so-called mail in voting system.

A way of voting that has been introduced by the Democrats in a number of States in recent months because of, you guessed it: Crown.

Here is a short excerpt from the first debate between Biden and Trump about mail-in voting (subtitled).
"This is going to be the biggest fraud we've ever seen!"

It is not complicated knowledge that this method of voting is crying out for fraud. Almost immediately after election night, videos and reports of suspected fraud poured in. And many will follow.

The bizarre thing is that they are still counting and no one can really explain or show where the hell those votes come from and why it takes so long to count those votes. But what we do see is that little by little all States where Donald Trump was in charge suddenly turn blue (Democrats).

The margin in Georgia is so small that a recount has now been requested and this recount will also take place. But in the other States, Biden passes Trump and they keep counting and counting and counting.

Joe Biden has officially been on 264 electoral votes for days and needs 270 to become President. But it can no longer be taken seriously. Donald Trump is not going to accept this result and we will probably never know what the real outcome of these elections was.

Election Fraud

On election night around 3am (9am here) and long before all the votes were counted, Donald Trump gave a short speech that, according to him and the campaign team, this is a massive fraud. “When all legal votes are counted, we are the winner. But the Democrats with the corrupt media and all the bigtecs behind them are trying to steal the victory from us. We want transparency and only have LEGAL votes counted. ”

He and his campaign team immediately filed a number of lawsuits in several states.

The claim is very simple. All legal votes must be counted, all illegal votes must not be counted. That is not strange, but very normal. And if you immediately receive messages where the fraud is in the picture, then you have all the rights to oppose this. Especially considering the run-up to these elections. The slogan of the Biden campaign is: "All votes must be counted." Actually a stupid statement because it shows that you actually like the proven fraudulent votes.

Donald Trump's short speech the day after the election

When the President of America shouts this and the Democrats are sure that they have not committed fraud in any way, their logical response should be that they too want to be sure that everything has been done fairly. One should also argue for 100% transparency.

But the Democrats are vehemently against it, arguing that Donald Trump should give up. The media is raving like completely crazy idiots (and that's putting it mildly, so nauseating). You can no longer watch CNN or NBC without boiling your blood. So much rubbish. So much irrationality and empty accusations. So flashy and shameless. Purely out to completely brainwash the less critical people.

Nobody wants transparency. Overwhelming evidence that fraud has been committed should be ignored. There should be no doubt about it. The Dems must win, will win, and they will do anything to make the Dems win.

The usual Trump bashing in the media continues unabated. Homophobic, xenophobic, racist… they all come along again.

They cut speeches from the President as if it were irrelevant and they keep people stupid and continue to cultivate hatred for Donald Trump. It's so revolting it makes you puke.

We also see this happening in our own environment through our fake news. Here Corona is used as an instrument. You see your own friends and family lose all their sanity and you notice that they have no idea what is going on. The people are kept dumb by the media and it still works.

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Are the allegations justified?

No doubt. And what you will see on social media in the coming days and weeks, and in some media that are still somewhat objective, will make even the most gullible of people doubt.

We will not (yet) bother you with the numbers from which you can read that this result seems impossible.

What we have seen so far is impossible to describe and if Donald Trump were to give up the elections here, it is not justifiable to his supporters worldwide. But he does what he has to do and will fight on for the people that stand behind him.

In the state of Nevada there are only a few thousand votes left. The counter has stopped for days.

In Pennsylvania, where Donald Trump led by more than 100.000 votes after election night, counting continues. What is counted? Nobody knows exactly. Incoming ballots. All we see is that the gap between Trump and Biden is getting smaller and now Biden Trump is over.

Also in Pennsylvania:
9.212 registered voters had been dead for at least 5 years. 1.990 voters had already turned the corner 10 years before the elections. And also 197 corpses aged 20 and older have voted on Biden. (source)

A batch of 23,277 votes came in Philadelphia, all for Biden. Not a few thousand for Donald Trump. Not even a few hundred. No one.

Of course all mainstream media dismiss this as false claims and when you search for this information via Google you see the Google censorship machine at work. Disgusting, shameless. But we are going to experience it.

In Michigan, after 95% of the votes were counted, Donald Trump was well ahead. Suddenly the state flew to blue.

Now it turns out that the voting software is counting in a number of Michigan state counties glitch had. A mistake. A mistake that turned 6.000 votes for Trump into 6.000 votes for Joe Biden. This has just been officially confirmed by Michigan GOP Chair. It has also been confirmed that several counties worked with the same software and therefore have to recount.

This confirmed situation in the State of Michigan has been virtually ignored by the media. Only FOX reports on the disturbances.

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Poll watchers are being chased away

Poll watchers are people from both parties who are allowed to take a look in all polling stations or rooms to see if everything is going fair. They have the right to observe the entire process.

When poll watchers are banned by guards while those people are appointed by law to monitor whether the counting and the whole procedure is fair, you can ask questions.

When that happens again, this time with more coercion and violence, while a judge has given permission for the poll watchers to enter, you can ask more questions. The law is being broken and no one has any idea of ​​what is going on in there.

Whenever this Democratic institution IN HIGHER APPEAL this is about keeping poll watchers, who are as always authorized to attend these counts, out of the door… What should you think of this as a rational person? They are appealing because they do not want people to watch how the votes are counted? Donald Trump would be crazy to let this happen just like that.

Here a short video with disturbances during the elections.

Counting indefinitely until absolute power is in

In the meantime, people continue to count because the Democrats not only want the White House but also The House and The Senate to take absolute power.

The pieces of the puzzle are also falling into each other more and more and now we understand more and more the entire run-up to these elections and we understand very well why the Dems wanted to pack the court.

“Packing the court” means: Add more (Democratic) judges to The Supreme Court. And they will do that when they come to power. Once that happens, America is completely in the hands of the Dems and the big techs in the background. Then ties with China are tightened and only God can save America (and the rest of the world) from these power-hungry people. They want absolute power. No 2 parties. All power.

Courtpacking came into focus when Democratic judge Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg died in September at the age of 87.

For the Democrats, this woman probably died a little too early for their liking. The incumbent President, Donald Trump in this case, was allowed to appoint a new judge during his term. This became the Republican Amy Comey Barrett. Obviously the media went loose because America in the run-up to the elections. But Trump has done what he had to do. He is elected for 4 years and not for three and a half years.

The Supreme Court now consists of 9 justices. After Ginsburg's death, there are four Democrats and five Republicans.

This replacement may well become the single most important replacement in America's history should this case come to The Supreme Court. And that is likely to happen.

Do we not see clearly how a coup d'état is carried out without violence by a radical political movement backed by big techs that change rules and laws when it suits them? Who send Antifa and BLM into the streets to create chaos? The media then remains silent or blames Trump. Do we see the similarities with what is happening there and what is happening here in Europe and in the Netherlands?

Please let this open multiple eyes again and get people to act because we don't have a Trump in Europe.

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Corrupt polls

The poll industry has also turned out to be corrupt again and, as in 2016, all polls were completely wrong. It would be a blue wave and Donald Trump wouldn't stand a chance.

Trump would lose by 17 points in Texas but won by 4 points.

In Florida, where many Hispanics live, it would be easily won by the Dems. “Racist” Donald Trump won by 6 points. Thanks to the Hispanics.

Why is this so bad? Polls influence voting behavior. When it appears to be a lost race, fewer people will vote for that losing party. A great scandal.

The People Against Big Techs

Joe Biden has no role in this election. Sleepy Joe is a puppet in this power game. His rallies were gatherings with 10 to 20 men in circles that made sure that everyone kept five feet away from each other and all put on a face mask. They could just as well have placed a pawn there.

That was also the intention. Joe Biden and Harris were put there with no real campaigning so that the indoctrinated masses would not have to form an opinion about the Presidential candidate and his vice-president.

With Joe, it was just a matter of getting indoctrinated supporters to continue to hate Donald Trump and pull out all the stops with their power and money to influence these elections.

We saw the blatant censorship hit the social media. Channels were removed from YouTube by bunches. All videos and negative reports about Biden were removed. Tweets from the President and about scandals in the Biden family were shamelessly censored. Senators' Twitter accounts have been closed. Not a word about this in the media. It should be the other way around… Then the fence is really gone. These people are so wrong.

Billions of dollars have been invested in the Biden campaign. To which? Be very aware that nothing is going too far for these people. Election fraud also does not. With all the money in the world you can get everything done. You get everyone around with money.

These people think and feel that they are above the law. This is why we are faced with the most irrational idiocy every day. These elite are just doing it and they will care what you think about it and whether it is not logical and irrational.

This coup must continue in both the United States and Europe. Like a Blitzkrieg, so fast. Most have yet to recover from the first lockdown and we are already in the second for a flu with a death rate of 0.13%. Unreal.

These elections did not go between liberals and conservatives either. Liberals have certain values ​​that don't make conservatives happy and vice versa, but it is based on freedom. But during these elections a number of typical liberal values ​​were defended by Donald Trump. Racism was fought by Donald Trump. Individual thinking and common sense were propagated by Donald Trump as we have seen the "liberals" radicalise and advocate for everything but freedom and freedom of speech.

You have to think how they think and anyone who thinks differently is a racist, a fascist, a conspiracy thinker… You name the whole list. We can dream it.

Here in the Netherlands too, there is no such thing as a liberal VVD. It also no longer matters what you vote for. GroenLinks, VVD, D66. It is all the same and they will drive us all towards that European Superstate without us being able to do anything about it. In the meantime, they have also gotten us into the pincers with this corona swindle that has terrified millions of innocent civilians to justify their total power and control over the civilians.

There is no party that really stands up for the people, except essentially the FvD and perhaps the PVV. But as we now stand, how to live under these bizarre fascist liberty-busting measures, these parties have not done much for the people. It should never have come this far, but it did. Our democracy is about to disappear forever, so is our beautiful Netherlands as it was, and we don't see a politician taking the lead to wage real opposition. Especially not outside the Chamber while everything is at stake.

Had these been normal elections interference from the media, Google and other big techs, Trump and the people would have won.

But there is one thing Donald Trump and the brave people lack: Power.

Because Trump wants to overthrow the elite, it is a battle between on the one hand the most powerful and richest big techs and millionaires on the planet and on the other Donald Trump with his 70 million people who yearn for a normal good life with a leader who does some of he is asked.

The people behind Donald Trump is a movement. It is a movement of common sense comparable to the movement as we know it here in Europe. We who try to shake things up and warn people of what is to come goes.

They are the best, nicest and least violent people in existence but the governments are terrified of them and do not hesitate to censor you and put you on a terror list. It is injustice of the highest order.

Performance of Donald Trump

While the media in the US has been blackmailing Donald Trump in the most dirty of ways for over 4 years, day in and day out. They had plenty of time for that, because Donald Trump did his job well and did not wage war. On the contrary. Donald Trump has brought peace in the Middle East and between Israel and Sudan. Something that was unthinkable a year ago.

He is also the first President ever to make a state visit to North Korea to visit Kim Jong-Un and establish a reasonable relationship with him. Had Obama done this, he would have immediately won the Nobel Prize again (the first he won immediately when he was elected as President without having done anything). They should reclaim that cup immediately after his mismanagement in his 2 installments.

He has created millions of jobs. The economy was running like never before. Minorities such as black Americans and Hispanics fared much better and unemployment among those populations fell. These elections are proof of how loved Trump is by these minorities.

He is building the promised wall between America and Mexico and has also kept his other election promises.

It is very interesting when you read back the life of Donald Trump and look from when he was a (young) businessman to where he has come now: The President of the United States without any political experience.

Sick all his life from the thoroughly corrupt system, he ran for President in 2016. He was ridiculed, laughed at, and from the moment he made himself available as Presidential candidate, the Democrats, the media, the bigtecs, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, the so-called Deep State, radical citizens and many thoroughly corrupt multimillionaires have gone all out put to get this man out. But he was chosen.

Once elected, he had to undergo an absurd examination and was thrown into the street all his life. The Russians are said to have interfered with the Trump campaign. No proof. In retrospect, it turns out that crooked Hillary Clinton and her corrupt team spied Trump's campaign. Then the absurd impeachment process about a meaningless phone call. Too crazy for words. But because Trump was running the country well, the media had plenty of time. There were few other things to worry about.

What Donald Trump had to endure, no other President would have sustained because there are many black pages with every politician when you turn his or her life inside out. Most could resign immediately. But Donald Trump is still there.

Why this blind hatred for this man?

Because Donald Trump has said from the beginning that his main achievement will be to expose this thoroughly corrupt political system and the media. This has led to a constant anti-Trump campaign from all media, social media and big techs and the herd population has lingered in that rage. It is purely about the person Trump for these people and it is irrelevant to these people what Trump is doing for the country. Incited by the fake media.


Donald Trump wants to open up the economy and never again lockdowns. He believes that everyone should know for themselves whether he or she wants to wear a mouth mask. There are various (therapeutic) drugs against corona and he has a vaccine made. The word “vaccine” makes most of us shudder but I think the BS with BS is fighting Trump's and he won't make it mandatory. I wouldn't even be surprised if he also dismantled the coronahoax in his fight. We will see.

In any case, he is clear in this video.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have a different view. Where you see Democrats, you see masks. Disinfectants. Social Distancing. Everything radiates fear and everything that is fun in life is taken from people. Biden will lock up the country. He will step into the GreenDeal. The Democrats also want to stop drilling oil. The US is independent in oil and millions of people are employed in the oil industry. Oh yeah, and he's the first president to campaign for a tax increase.

And this demented man has set the absolute world record in votes during these elections with virtually no action? Against Donald Trump who held between 3 and 5 rallies every day, all packed to the brim? Doesn't that sound a little bit fishy too?

Where is this going?

David vs Goliath. Humanity against the Deep State. That's how many people will start to feel it. It can have an enormously positive effect and connect people worldwide more and open their eyes. The collective awareness is underway because people are increasingly critical, smarter and better informed in this digital age. These people want a society based on common sense, rationality and realism. A peaceful society in which we can live normally.

But those in power have other plans for us and also feel that this is their last chance. They can ensure that humanity 1 or 2 generations later is not used to anything other than wearing a mouth mask and following orders. And they have managed to do that quite well so far. Look around you. We live in a total irrational madness.

If the people stand up and stop this power grab, they will never succeed again. Already half the world is shaking head and watching what is happening and this corona nonsense and climate nonsense will not fool you at all in 10 years' time if we have gone in the right direction in history. Simply because it goes against all logic and everything can be refuted.

We are going to experience it. Everything will come to the surface and should it become clear that there is indeed a mega-fraud here and Donald Trump exposes this corrupt gang, it may well shake the world up.

If you understand English and would like to keep up to date with the elections in the United States, I especially recommend Skynews Australia. This is their YouTube channel:

There are also a number of people on FOX News who bring genuine news. Tucker Carlson is my favorite.

Yesterday Leslie wrote an article about CIA man Steve Piecznik. According to him, all ballots are in advance by Trump and the CIA have all ballots secretly provided with an invisible watermark.

If that's true… 😀

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