In this document I will discuss the strategies that the elite may use and the extent to which this corresponds to corona policy. This document should remain reasonably well-organized and therefore I will limit the information. I have chosen to place relevant links with each chapter, so you can immediately see the source itself.

In the shadow

We see world leaders make decisions based on agencies telling them what is useful to do. In the Netherlands, of course, this is RIVM, which then listens to WHO again. The question is who controls the WHO and what exactly happens there.

WHO is actually a globalist organization founded in 1948 with the involvement of the rockefeller foundation, which was re-established in 1913, at the same time as the introduction of the central banking system; THE FED.

Also read the following article. It is clear that the rockefeller family is not always warm to its environment, but simply uses them for its own interests and agenda. We see philanthropy come back time and time again as a way of appearing good on the surface, while there is therefore a hidden agenda behind it.

Not only the Rockefellers are guilty of that, think of it; Bill gates and George soros who also often emerge as global helpers of society. However, they are often associated with scams and / or manipulation.

The wealthy philanthropist

Never waste a good crisis

There are global conspiracies, but more often they are individual agendas. This means that every sector, company, country, person, etc. has its agenda. In times of crisis, a number of these agendas can then be implemented because they see an opportunity to do so. People are in fear and because of fear they no longer think properly.

You see that governments in particular suddenly implement rules that can jeopardize the privacy of the population. More tax or restricting freedom is also a possibility. Clearly, this has happened in many countries after covid began to spread.

Divide and conquer

We see in times of the covid crisis that the conspiracy thinkers jump out of all corners (see this site haha), to spread their opinion. However, we also see that they immediately receive the label of conspiracy theorist. In this way it is very easy to demonize people and not have to have a discussion with them. Just call them crazy.

So now you see a situation emerging where the conspiracy thinkers are being told to the "normal" citizens, who are just obediently waiting for a vaccine as told to them. These people generally think that Rutte is doing well and that is confirmed by the preliminary polls.

Possibly later the people who have nothing more turned against those who have survived the covid crisis. Naturally combined with the other current divide and conquer agendas. As long as people trust the government en masse more than the people around them, this will not change.

Rational excuse, underlying ideology

I have already given an example of this principle above, in combination with Bill gates. Obviously, powerful people and agencies may say they are doing something socially good, when they actually have an underlying agenda or ideology.


-covid in sperm;
The article below may be true, but it may also serve the agenda of depopulation. Scare people into passing the virus on to another and they will be less likely to reproduce, aka depopulation.

Coronavirus found in sperm

-covid may cause permanent damage, young or old;
This again scares people, so they don't want to get sick, which makes them more likely to agree to longer lockdown measures.

-covid is because humanity is bad for the climate;
This one is also in my other document, but shows that covid is used to make other calendars continue.

Perception management

This is always an issue, because the parties in power can only maintain power if the slaves keep it under control. They want people and / or countries to remain afraid of the virus, so that they can roll out different agendas.

Confusion is a way to do that, which is why you see so much information these days. We have literally entered an information war, mixing facts with opinions, or even false news. It is therefore difficult to know what is and what is not true.

Fear or emotion as a weapon

I think it is clear that the media has a big influence on spreading worldwide fears around covid. Partly rightly so, because the virus can be very dangerous, especially for the elderly. However, the media remains very negative and often lacks context.

It may be that the media is paid to spread negative news, or because it is imposed from above. Emotion in news reports also means that people are more likely to watch, which often means more turnover for the media.

Massive debt

Something the media often does not say is that the global financial sector was already shrinking and a crisis would not be long in coming. So you see everywhere that Covid will cause a financial crisis, but that is not true, it would already come anyway.

By Covid, banks can print unlimited money, which comes into existence as debt, in order to try to save the economy. They know that this will not work, but because of that they can say that they have tried to get away with the years of manipulation.

Problem, reaction and solution

A strategy that may have been developed by the rockefellers. The trick is to come up with something you want, like more taxation, and then come up with a reason people would approve. It often has to do with less freedom or privacy for people and a tax increase.

My suspicion is that this virus was spread on purpose because it simply taps too many agendas that the elite have. The biggest reason, in my opinion, is the end of the current financial system. To keep control, the virus is allowed to destroy the global economy, after which it can be rebuilt.

Built by the same families and agencies that have owned it for centuries, only with even more control on their side. Consider, for example, digital money and the ban on cash payments. It is not difficult to see when we project this strategy onto covid.


Collapse of the financial system, many people unemployed, cash spread virus!

Worldwide virus that quickly spreads around and infects several people. Most survived, but can surrender to a weaker person (note that the minority is again emphasized, as are immigrants and / or climate activists).

Response (from people, shaped by the media);

Financial - to come!
I want to have money to live again, no matter what it is.

We need a vaccine worldwide so that we can go back to areas where many people are!


Digital money

Give people their vaccines and forbid those who don't want them from all large-scale gatherings. If necessary, lock them up in camps and declare them dangerous!

Who pays that determined

Bill gates supports various health care organizations, makes vaccines and gives a lot of money to the WHO. Coincidentally, he is the savior with a vaccine to save everyone?

Who has an interest in virus?

Of course everyone has or is not interested in something. At the moment, the covid crisis has not really affected me, while others are spontaneously unemployed. This really concerns the big players.

The financial system - the central banks;
Elsewhere on this page and site you can find my financial analysis of the (possible) reason for the deliberate spread of the virus. My suspicion is that the central banking system benefits greatly. See problem, response and solution for more info.

Big pharma / bill gates;
Big pharma can make good money to some degree, while bill gates may have a depopulation agenda as the main reasons for its vaccine. Someone who goes to investigate Bill for a while sees that he is involved in everything and in recent years before the outbreak of a virus, he already called a pandemic.

That alone can be seen as good, because he wants to protect us. Combine that with his constant push for a vaccine, depopulation, event 201 and the sponsorship of WHO and I don't trust him anymore.

In the other document; elite strategies you may have read about psychological warfare and if we project this on bill we see the following;

Several videos on YouTube in which gates talk about depopulation and that this is necessary for a sustainable earth, because there are too many people. Here we see a potential motivation or interest in spreading a virus.

Bill has talked in a number of videos about the spread of a worldwide virus. This was between 2010 and 2018.

Later, the series pandemic is released on Netflix, which talks about the outbreak of a virus. The solution given by bill gates is a vaccine. There are several series and it shouldn't be bill in everything.

Bill received approval for a coronavirus vaccine in 2018/2019. It is unclear to me whether this is covid19, because various sites indicate that this is a vaccine for birds (poultry). Still very suspicious, because possibly small letters somewhere.

Just before the outbreak of the Covid virus we see event 201, where the rich are preparing for a worldwide pandemic. All by chance? I don't think so, Bill probably knows more than we dumb sheep may know.

I suspect that many governments simply entrust themselves more power because it works like a drug and they now have the opportunity. I personally don't think a government is involved in whether or not this virus is spread on purpose. I would put my money on the top 2 groups.


Although they occasionally make headlines as wealthy people, not much is said in the media about exactly what they do and what they own. The same goes for the Rothschilds. Nevertheless, they are associated with many agencies around the world, think;

Foundation WHO, UN, IPCC? etc. These are world-wide bodies that actually go hand in hand with globalism. Now that does not have to be a problem, but it is also a stepping stone to a new globalist world order.

The Rockefellers are not to be trusted in my opinion and here I have some information that supports that;

Read this 2010 document. The lockstep scenario is particularly interesting. Coincidence?

Interview with Aaron Russo for 2010 - nick rockefeller wanna chip people just like bill gates?

Aaron Russo - freedom to fasicm

Everything comes back to power, control and money. The people we study and see as the elite are people who have an unstoppable desire for more power and control. They like money, so more power seems more logical. Either way, a psychiatrist will have his hands full with these people.