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Nobody is allowed to enter or leave Den Bosch just like that

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In Den Bosch large parts of the city have been designated a safety risk area. Mayor Mikkers of that city will let you know.

The emergency ordinance in Den Bosch applies to almost the entire municipality.

As a result, the police now have the opportunity to search everyone in those areas.

The measure is taken as a so-called precaution because there are signs that groups of people want to gather and there is calls for violence against the police, enforcers and aid workers.

Are you demolishing our city? Then we will demolish you!

And after Roosendaal en Rijen now also has mayor Depla of Breda one emergency ordinance proclaimed for different parts of the city. This applies to the center and the Hoge Vucht, Doornbos Linie, Tuinzigt and Haagpoort districts.

The emergency ordinance in Den Bosch went through on Tuesday 11.30 Hours and gives the police the opportunity to get all persons in and out to the security risk area controleren.

Spread the freedom!

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