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Emerging resistance to oikophobia

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Yesterday, Russian comedian Konstantion Kisin warned about the upcoming backlash against the BLM protests:

“You (left / BLM) will hate me for what I write. You will resist because you will not listen. You will pretend that what I write is my wish, when the opposite is true. ”

"If protesters continue to damage statues, such as Churchill's, and burn British flags at the cenotaph (memorial for fallen soldiers, among others), groups will form to protect these monuments."

"These groups will consist mainly of outraged young white men and led by people associated with Tommy Robinson and the English Defense League (EDL)."

“These groups will gather in the cities 'to defend the country'. The groups bear 'Patriotic, British and Defense' in their names. ”


Konstantion Kisin


"It is inevitable that these groups will face the other protesters and police if the situation escalates."

The media and political class will react hysterically. The (Nationalist) groups, unlike BLM .. Police brutality, arrests and convictions for, among other things, violating lockdown rules hit the Nationalists, but not BLM. '

The Media will do the exact opposite of what it did with BLM:
Instead of headlines like '27 officers injured in largely peaceful protests ', texts like '27 officers injured by far-right violence' appear.

"At that point it becomes clear to a large part of the public that double standards are used."

"Fueled by a flood of images of (self-hating) white people kneeling, apologizing and washing the feet of brown people, the general public will conclude that her identity is under attack."

“From that point on (many) the aversion against the extreme right disappears. By then the public / people becomes convinced that they are in a war for their survival, in which severe measures are justified. ”

"In the next elections, which will come sooner than later due to the (lockdown-induced) economic malaise and unemployment, the extreme right can count on increased support."

“When I (Konstantin Kisin) talk about the extreme right, I don't mean what the left means by" the extreme right ". Talking about restricting immigration doesn't necessarily make you extreme. I am talking about genuinely far-right parties that want to “undo” migration (“I don't see what's extreme about that, except for the method.” Jasper)

"These parties will not win seats - given the British district system - but they can put pressure on the Conservative Party from within, deposing the 'soft' Boris Johnson in favor of a Law & Order hard-liner."

"From that point on it is very clear which direction we are heading."

So much for the wisdom of Konstantin Kisin.

However, Kisin concludes with an interesting statement that is based on a lot of false assumptions:

“The only way to prevent this is to de-racialize society. We learn to live together or the multi-ethnic society is over ”.

Racization is inherent in a multi-ethnic community, due to underlying neuro-biological differences (not “color”) between population groups.

This is not to say that different (neuro-biological) groups should not get along, but that we should be strict and critical about what common denominator we have with each other and whether it is mutually net positive / negative as two or more groups live a little apart.



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