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Emmanuel Macron has a lot of blood on his hands

Police violence in the name of the globalist French President destroys lives through mutilation and traumas and it even kills civilians. 

Everything that is told here can be found in the videos at the bottom of this article.

A demonstrator with a bloody face was knocked to the ground by the police. He is spit and beaten by the police while lying on the ground. The French 'police of the police' (INGPN) has investigated the incident.

On January 5 was Frederic Shouvean stopped in his car by the French police during a routine road check. He was ringing behind the wheel. An argument led to a scuffle with the police.

The 42-year-old Frenchman, and father of five children, was knocked down and sustained a torn larynx. He then died of a heart attack.

The images went viral on the internet.

Hundreds of Frenchmen gathered on the street in January and want to avenge his death.

A lot is filmed during the yellow vestments. This is what the Macron police think not fun. They want to disguise what is actually happening.

A mobile unit agent is required to wear an ID number on his jacket.

Only if the number of a police officer appears visibly on the screen can the relevant agent be approached and prosecuted for his illegal actions. Every mistake can be filmed.

Some agents walk with a deadly weapon between the yellow vests without an ID number, which makes the agent inviolable. This is officially prohibited.

Raphael Bonneau deliberately goes out into the street with this goal in mind and films everything he sees the police doing during the yellow jacket parades, which are held every weekend in Paris, among others.

He himself has also fallen victim to police violence from a special brigade. He made an official complaint but to date he has not received a reply from the police headquarters.

'My complaint is certain'lost"or not passed on to Justice." says Bonneau.

There have been more than recently 300 complaints deposited at the police station by victims of police violence. Tom worked for years BAC (Anti Crime Brigade), a police team that takes to the streets during demonstrations, wearing civilian clothes.

He tells the camera anonymously that he is forced into violence by the increasingly aggressive yellow vests and the threat of terrorist attacks:

"It is unbearable what goes on during yellow vest weekends, we are not robots, we cannot take it anymore."

"We are there for hours like a target and the police have degenerated as a result and have fallen into brutal violence."

Christophe Castaner, Minister of the Interior, finally admits that everything goes wrong during the yellow-hoist protests.

Franck was shot in the face on December 1, 2018 during the ascent of l'Arc de Triomphe.

The rubber bullets broke his nose and he lost a lot of blood. His nose was completely gone.

Daniel, a landlady, voluntarily walks along every weekend during the yellow vest protests with his doctor's bag. He sees many wounded and treats them on the spot:

"Many French people now think twice before they dare to run with the yellow vests." Innocent passers-by are also often pissed off by excessive police violence. They are being brutally suppressed by the French government ”

"A life is destroyed by the loss of an eye or a hand.", says the landlady.

The yellow vests were established a year, two months and thirteen days ago. Last weekend was the 64th time the vests gathered on the street.

Demonstrate yellow vests in:  France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Central African Republic, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey and United Kingdom.

In France, 25 people lost an eye and five people a hand through tear gas shells and rubber bullets.
In total, more than 4000 people have been injured.

Pepper spray, the baton and water cannons are also used against the yellow vests. Please do NOT pick up a tear gas grenade with your hand, but kick it away with your foot.

Source of injured yellow vests France:

Source 25th person loses eye November 2019:

Source images of Frenchmen knocked down:


Exploded hand yellow vest uncensored:

Disabled pepper spray:


Lose eye yellow vests:

Mutated by French police:


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