English government fraudulent corona figures

SkyNews reporter Rob Powell reports that a source within the UK government admits that people are completely wrongfully registered as corona deaths.

The English media, on behalf of the government, indoctrinates the entire country on a daily basis by showing the figures of the so-called corona deaths.

Pointless scare and without any context. That is the mainstream media.

We do not do this with the flu either. We do not do that with accidents and this should not happen in a common sense country with this soft virus.

This “new” flu virus, from which mainly elderly people die (the average age of corona deaths is no less than 17 years higher than flu deaths. 82 years and 65 years, respectively) with one but usually several underlying conditions, is something we have to live with. And that is fine! We pay a little attention ourselves. We don't need a government for that.

But the governments decided to destroy everyone's lives on all fronts. Psychologically, physically and economically.

And they continue to do this. But they are going to fall through.

More and more doctors, experts and even some mainstream media are coming out with real truths. In the US, even the most renowned physicians and experts held a press conference broadcast by Breitbart.
See this extensive article about this: https://commonsensetv.nl/facebook-twitter-en-youtube-censureren-persconferentie-capitol-hill-artsen-kondigen-geneesmiddel-covid19-aan/

It became the most watched video EVER, but Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube censor the video mercilessly. They seem to dig their own graves.


It now appears that people who have ever tested positive for Covid19 are cured again and die a few days, weeks or months later from something unrelated to corona, and are included in the list of intimidating figures without context are being presented.

According to an government source even people who are run over by a truck or bus months later are still registered as corona dead.

This is pure fraud by the English Healthcare (PHE). A governmental body. It is not yet known how many people this concerns and it is difficult to make a model for it, but this can only mean a very large proportion of the, so far 45.000 so-called corona deaths, are registered false.

And this is not only happening in England ... That will be a very big lawsuit, Nuremberg II, where a lot of heads will roll once this total madness is dismantled. Because there are a few people with blood on their hands ...

See the short video here. We have subtitled it again for you.

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