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Erdogan is blackmailing Europe with 3.6 million refugees

President Erdogan of Turkey said in a speech to his AK party that he will be sending Syrian refugees residing in his country to Europe.

“Hey EU, wake up. I'll say it again: If you're trying to frame our operation into an invasion, our job is simple. We are opening the doors and sending 3.6 million immigrants your way! ” 

This threat is the result of international criticism of Turkey for invading northern Syria yesterday. Erdogan claims that due to air strikes and shelling on the part of Turkey already 109 Kurdish fighters were killed. One would have aimed at 181 different targets.

Erdogan speaks of Operation Peace Spring needed to restore Syria's territorial integrity by fighting the Kurdish authorities in that region.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan & Jean-Claude Juncker

Erdogan not only denounces Europe but is also furious with Saudi Arabia. "Who brought Yemen to its current state?", referring to the civil war in the country in which the coalition fights.


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