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Erdogan illegally helps Jihadists with German tanks

The Turkish government of Erdogan has given Leopard II tanks manufactured by Germany to a group of Jihadists fighting in north-east Syria.

Exactly how many tanks the Turkish soldiers have transported to the rebels is not clear, but Erdogan has thereby violated the German terms of sale. According to the agreement, Turkey would be the end-user.

The Jihadist rebels call themselves it Syrian National Army (SNA) while it consists of radical Islamists accused of war crimes(source)

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It is said that the tanks have already been used by the Jihadists against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which are supported by the Germans and the Americans. (source)

Bild writes:

“Since 2016, the Turkish army has used the German Leopard II tanks in the Syrian war, but an investigation shows that they are passing the tanks on to Syrian rebels. Illegal! ”

Hamsa Birakdar, a spokesperson for the SNA Islamists supported by Turkey, confirmed to the German newspaper that the advanced tanks have been in use for a long time.

"Turkey provides us with weapons, including tanks."

"We have received 3 heavy armored vehicles and troop transport vehicles and the SNA has been trained on how to use the Leopard II tanks."

A few weeks ago, the SNA published a video that shows how a Leopard II tank opens fire on a Syrian village in the north of the country.

The German Thomas Linder, a defense expert from the Greens, has confirmed that there is no doubt about the authenticity of the video. He has called on the Turkish government to respond immediately and to answer.

"There are serious consequences for Turkey for handing over the tanks to the rebels." said Linder.

“Anyone who violates such agreements will no longer receive German weapons. International laws are being violated here. ”

For an extensive article on this issue go to:
Stop The Bankers website

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